The Inner Workings And Structure Of Fortress Investment Group

One of the most well respected asset management companies in the world is Fortress Investment Group. The firm additionally manages liquid and credit hedge funds. The firm is based in the United States out of New York and was founded in 1998. The company provides extensive expertise and outstanding services in the investment sector. The business is currently managing roughly 1,500 private and organizational properties all over the world. The principal for the business is Peter Briger, the co-founders are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone and the firm employees approximately 900 people. recently published an article about Fortress Investment Group. They stated the success of the firm is due to strong, risk adjusted returns and an innovation strategy. In 2007, the business gained recognition as the first private firm participating in the NYSE or the New York Stock Exchange. The company is currently providing a wide variety of global investment activities.

The firm is responsible for the management of investor’s assets totaling roughly $43 billion.This is from hedge funds, private equity and several other sources. The company also has competencies and expertise in capital markets, asset based investments and operations management. The firm has general knowledge regarding the investments of companies. Their knowledge concerning corporate mergers and acquisitions is also considered adequate. The company spent $3.3 billion on the Softbank purchase in 2017.Fortress Investment Group consists of three operational segments. These are Permanent Capital Vehicles, Private Equity and Credit. The credit segment was launched by Peter Briger in 2002. This comprises the Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds, Fortress Secured Lending Fund, Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds, Fortress and several others.

The majority of these investments are global. The operations of the private equity segment are concentrated in Western Europe and the Caribbean. The division includes services such as healthcare, infrastructure and financial. The holdings of Fortress Investment Group include Global Signal and Aircastle. There are five capital vehicles publicly traded comprising the Permanent Capital Vehicles. These are Infrastructure Investors LLC, the New Media Investment Group, Fortress Transportation and the New Residential Investment Corp, Eurocastle Investment Limited and the New Senior Investment Group. Residential property real estate investments are the focus of the stated bodies. This includes United States housing properties, local media and assets related to real estate mostly in Italy and transportation structures. The company is currently divided into three separate segments to get specialized expertise and improve services.

Sujit Choudhry and Comparisons Between South Africa and the United States

Sujit Choudhry is international known because of his role in assisting new governments in implementing a democratic constitution. In fact, Choudhry is an expert in the field and has traveled the world, spreading his wisdom to the future leaders of the world. He was educated on the subject at Harvard and Oxford, but he also attended McGill University and the University of Toronto.

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Choudhry has also shared his knowledge with the students of Berkeley School of Law, as Dean, and as a professor at the New York University School of Law. In addition to these face to face lessons, Choudhry has contributed, often as editor, to many textbooks over the years. Personally, Sujit Choudhry is responsible for educating thousands of students on constitutional law.

Sujit Choudhry was named Practitioner of the Year by the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto in 2011 (

In a recent book, Sujit Choudhry shared his thoughts on Eric Holder and a tweet published by the former Attorney General of the United States. The tweet was published in December of 2017 and relates to the topic of Donald Trump and the ongoing investigation into the 2016 Presidential Election (

The tweet by Holder drew a red line for Donald Trump. Holder declared that any attempt to fire or hinder the special counsel’s investigation should result in civil, peaceful action among supporters of both sides.

Holder called the firing of Robert Mueller an “absolute red line,” and Choudhry explains precisely what Holder meant in the book. In simplest terms, according to Choudhry that red line is impeachment. While impeachment isn’t on the table yet in America, Choudhry draws comparisons between South Africa’s recent leadership issues and Donald Trump’s travel ban. Choudhry calls into question that court decision that called the ban illegal, pondering whether this decision will create a taint on the administration, preventing a similar, more constitutional ban to be put in place.

Choudhry’s entire chapter can be read in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?

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Malcolm CasSelle is building a virtual currency marketplace, while putting his ideas on WAX.

The market of blockchain is growing rapidly and Malcolm casselle is no stranger to this. Currently he is the CIO Of a virtual asset marketplace named OPskins. not only does this company offer many different game currencies, it is also the number one Bitcoin seller as of

today. It is the main choice of virtual currency holders who want to buy and sell amongst each other, no matter where they are on Earth. While it is one of the largest centralized virtual currency marketplaces, its centralization presents flaws and limitations. For instance, the servers and the company have one location and this makes it easier for attacks from hackers, and it also makes them vulnerable to fraud and to tampering with from other organizations.

While this all sounds like a challenge, Malcolm CasSelle & OPskins are already working on a decentralized system that is designed to solve many of these problems. This new virtual asset trading program will be named WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a person-to-person Marketplace that facilitates trade between users of different virtual currencies, and it is run on the blockchain. The WAX platform utilizes both the blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers. WAX will be a blockchain enabled widget that can be use side-by-side with the game that the currency holder is happening to play. WAX is designed to fix a fragmented ecosystem of different local and regional traders by utilizing the blockchain to unite all of the different Payment processors, currencies, languages, and of course games. WAX also utilizes tokenizing, or taking all that information and making it into one contract for the buyer to interact with.

Building WAX will be a breeze for Malcolm CasSelle. before he was the president of WAX and the CIO of OPskins, he was the president and CTO At tronc, and the GM of digital media at SeaChange, and before these he has led numerous startups in the digital industry. he also invests in many different Big Data and blockchain startups. He holds two computer science degrees from MIT and Stanford, and he has also raised money, billions in fact, for a company known as PCCW.

Success of Richard Dwayne Blair

According to Richard Dwayne Blair on Wealth Solutions, every person requires a strategy that will help in following their monetary target. In the area known as Austin in Texas, a lot is needed to offer clients with the possessions management and the retirement scheduling. Richard Dwayne Blair offers financial directions to the community members to lead them through the long journey of life. There are some approaches that Richard pursued for the purpose of coming up with an all-inclusive financial plan. He ensures that he consider the Three Pillar Approach whenever he is analyzing the financial position and the retirement issues of a person so that he can offer a professional and helpful plan.

The pillar number one is designed in a way that it can provide the customers with the financial directions. By looking at the power, the chances of expansion, the objectives, and the threat patience of the clients, Richard is able to recognize the way forward easily. The pillar number two is a style that helps in building up the successful, long-term investment tactic that goes hand in hand with the special goals and the cash needs of the customers.

Through this pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair can reallocate the asset and ensure that the portfolios of the clients are safe during the low moment. The pillar number three is the one that Richard set up the financial objectives of the customer and put the strategies in place to offer enough money and increase. Richard Dwayne Blair put into action and observes financial goals of the customers by following and evaluating the anticipation of the firm or the clients and historical data.

The fact that the mother, grandmother and the wife of Richard were teachers made him to know that teaching was of great importance to the growth of the skills and confidence. The natural interest of Richard Dwayne Blair for the finance made him realize that he had the ability to help people regarding their investments and financial planning. When Richard completed his college education, he ventured into the industry of the financial services. For the reasons of providing customized and proficient advice to the customers, he established his company by the name Wealth Solutions.

Academy of Art University: Teaching Success

After its founding in 1929, Academy of Art University has become one of the most impressive universities focusing on art and design. The university has a number of programs outside of offering more than 30 degree programs. These programs include experiences for non students, grants for teachers, continuing education for art professionals and a number of certificate programs.

Located in beautiful and modern San Francisco, the campus is a diverse blend of students, technology and architecture which allows for an open exchange of ideas and creativity. The curriculum at Academy of Art University uses hands on learning that is tailored for each student by the professional professors and mentors who understand first hand how to succeed in the art and entertainment industrie. Students that graduate from the Academy will leave having the skills and knowledge to not only find jobs, but succeed in a professional setting.

One such graduate is Jan Phillip Cramer. Cramer is currently the head of animation at Digital Domain and was recently hired as the animation supervisor during the production of Avengers: Infinity War. In 2004, Cramer earned his BFA from the Academy’s School of Animation and Visual Effects. Since then Cramer has been involved in successful films such as Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool and many other successful franchises. When asked about his successes Cramer attributes his knowledge and abilities to the professors at the Academy of Art University who guided his career direction and used their experiences to give him a deeper understanding of the industry.

At the Academy of Arts University, experiences like Jan Cramer’s are commonplace. In 2017 alone many former students were professionally nominated for the projects and films they worked on. This included over 50 Golden Globe nominations, and 20 nominated productions at the Oscars. The Schools of Animation and Visual Effects, along with Motion Pictures and Television, with courses and degree programs in Acting, Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media, Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Pictures, guide many students to successful professional careers in the entertainment industries.

US Money Reserve: Economic Protection For You & Your Loved Ones!

U.S Money Reserve, with over 400,000 satisfied customers and counting, is one of the country’s largest distributor of US Government issued coins. The company possesses many years of experience and they are are able to explain the benefits of investing in US government coins, in a way that any one could easily understand.

They provide excellent customer care and support along with resources for first time and experienced buyers alike, to create an experience that is joyful, exciting, and memorable.

There are several departments that are involved int he success of the company including coin research specialists, a vault and shipping department, customer support center. numismatic experts, and a business development department; all of these branches of the company work together to make sure that the investing experience is understandable and helps the customer to understand the benefits of buying US Government coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Investing in Government coins allows for the opportunity to own tangible assets versus holding certificates or documents that represent an asset. Owning legal tender holds more weight, economically, than any piece of paper could ever represent.

So, you may be wondering, why buy coins in the first place? Well, precious metals were considered one of the original forms of currency, before paper money came along. Currency consisted of natural occurring resources from the earth and depending on the culture and part of the world, the form of currency varied greatly.  Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire

Other forms of currency around the world throughout history included cowrie shells, wampum, cattle, and bartering. Nowadays, we have strayed a bit from this original way of being, but the US Money Reserve is part of the mission to encourage us to move back to the way things were.

Gold, platinum and silver are, in modern times, some of the most investment worth assets provide economic protection in the event of a downturn, and they have proven to outperform many other asset types. Gold seems to be the metal that holds if weight amongst all other precious metals.

Gold has been described as a “safe haven”, a “private form of wealth” and “generational wealth” among many other factors. Similar to owning land, owning gold is a type of private wealth that can be passed down generation to generation and can be used in the face of economic hardship.

And by investing correctly and intelligently,you can create a fool proof way of protecting yourself and your family against economic downturns or hardship.

Sujit Choudhry’s Take on The Failing State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry a professor in the field law from the university of California, Berkeley. His research is mainly focused in the areas of comparative constitutional law and politics ( Thus, he is known all around the world for his deep knowledge in politics and comparative law. He is also a founding director at the center for constitutional transitions an organization that gathers information with the aim of constructing constitutions. He is also an advisor in matters involving politics and law with experience in facilitating dialogues between civil society and the various stake holders.

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Sujit Choudhry in an article that describes his book points out to the state of failing democracies and the way they are undermining the constitution by tampering with it in order to cling onto to power. He further goes to give examples of the way these democracies are failing such as one tweet by the then Attorney General under the Obama rule Eric Holder who went on to defend the senior Whitehouse counsel Bob Mueller that if he was terminated that would be crossing the red line and that the people would then move to the streets as the American people must be seen and heard, check

According to Sujit Choudhry this tweet enhanced the notion that constitutional self-enforcement is built around the concept of a focal point whereby the focal point is considered to be the constitutional rule he further gives another example of a focal point being the presidential term limit and that the leaders who would otherwise want to break this term limit by the various ways would more often than not lead to other leaders going against it and bringing citizens to the street.

Sujit Choudhry further takes Eric Holders red lines and stated that they are an example of democratic failure. Giving examples such as disregarding term limits, coup d’état and rigging of elections. He further goes on to mention a few threats to democracy that are replacing the coup d’état which is authoritarian backsliding this is using legal means to manipulate the constitution to stay in power.

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ClassDojo Creating Community

ClassDojo is an app that helps keep parents and teachers, as well as teachers and students, connected. The mission of ClassDojo is to help created an unbelievable classroom experience for the teacher, parents, and students.

Within in the app, parents and teachers have the ability to send messages between each other, the same can be said for students and teachers. Additionally, teachers and students have the capability to send a message, give updates, and post photos and videos to keep families updated. Having access to these opportunities helps create a positive classroom environment.

The ClassDojo app offers a number of features that help create a sense of community. First, it provides classroom tools in one single place. Teachers are able to create groups of students, give specific directions for an activity, play music, and even set timers. Second, the app gives students a voice. Students have their own portfolio which gives them the opportunity to, if they choose, showcase their work. Third, as mentioned before, it allows teachers to share stories and information with parents.

Even out of the classroom setting, ClassDojo has a positive impact on teachers. ClassDojo has an online community of thousands of teachers from all around the world. This gives teachers the unique chance to brainstorm and get ideas from other teachers who are teaching under drastically different circumstances. This huge online community aids in teacher’s growth, it helps them become better at what they do.

ClassDojo is as good as it sounds, earning the app a number of awards and titles. In 2011 the app won the Education Innovation Award from the NBC Today Show; in 2012 Forbes put the app on the list of 30 Under 30: Education; and, among others, in 2015 they were on the list of 35 Most Innovative Apps of the year.

Sujit Choudhry’s Views On Holder Tweet And Its Implications

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized professor who bases most of his research in comparative laws of the constitution and politics. This involves the use of the constitutional design as a tool to manage the transitioning from violent to nonviolent self-governing politics, federalism, bills of rights among other researchers. Sujit Choudhry has also widely written on the Canadian constitutional law. One of his most recent work is a book chapter set to be released in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis ( Generally, he bases his research on a tweet by Eric Holder who served as an Attorney General during the Obama presidency which was published at the end of 2017 to his followers. In the tweet Holder labeled any termination of White Special advisor Robert Mueller an absolute red line. He also continued and added that in case anything happens nonviolent demonstrations should ensue.

From Sujit Choudhry’s point of view to the Holders tweet ,the former Attorney General, the need to act is centered on two concepts. One of the concepts is the symbolic red line and the second concept is that Holder lets the American citizens decide if the officials have abused their power and trespassed the named boundaries. More to that Sujit Choudhry says that Holder implies that the reaction of the American citizens will help to decide how the issue will be handled. Choudhry says that Holder tweet is based on the idea of constitutional self-enforcement which is built within the concept of the focal point.

According to professor Sujit, the other example of a focal point is the length and the limit of the presidential term, which is two terms in the States all over the world. He continues to write and states that autocrats would seek to break the focal point by trying to increase their length in office by either declaring a state of emergency or going ahead and suspending the elections. Sujit Choudhry writes that if Holder red line is translated to a certain context, then it can be considered as a failure in democracy.

The chapter focuses on various aspects modern-day political climate especially in the social media, (Twitter) and several other places within the world that indicate the deterioration of the constitutional democracy together with the autocratic type of presidency.

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Igor Cornelsen- An Incredible Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen has a solid background in the banking and investment field. Having spent close to 50 years in the industry, the 70-year-old is the best person you could choose for your investments guide and advice. As it is said, interest and passion are the primary two attributes that drive people to do great invisible things. Admitted as an Engineering student at the Federal University of Parana, Igor found out that something else was within him. After two years of study, he could not help but start studying economics. In 1970, after his graduation, Igor secured a job at an investment bank and began building his skills. Starting then, a series of many exciting encounters have made Igor the man he is today.

Having served previously as the CEO and a board member to several banks, Igor Cornelsen formed his investment firm in 1995. Nothing changed from what he was used to doing. He kept providing the same services as usual. He is a brilliant investment manager to date. His investment advising idea did not just sprout from nowhere, it was through his experience in the industry, managing funds in stock markets that opened his inner eyes.

Igor Cornelsen is a consistent individual with stringent personal principles. He is wise and does things quite differently. First, he follows economies very closely. He filters out those with improving investing assets to invest in the long run. He also gets his information directly from Reuters, which is very reliable. This way, he has become a more productive entrepreneur. Igor believes that it is only through reading a lot of firsthand information that can separate one real and true investor from others. What has helped him grow is finding out assets depreciated before anyone else did. As an experienced Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen has always been a mirror to many investors either within or outside the country.

Igor Cornelsen Investment Advice


The sooner you start, the better. Never wait for the perfect time to begin your journey in the investment game. Age has never been a limiting factor. But for maximum returns, you better start early.

2.Minimize Risk

The last thing any investor would like to see is losing their money. It is therefore ideal for them not to lose money. The risk is everywhere, and it is always associated with losing money. Since the main reason people invest is to make gains, they should also remember that losing money is never encouraged.

3.Get an Adviser

For those who are just starting off, this is the best thing you could do to yourself. Accept to first begin by taking baby steps before you could start running.

Finally, as an investor, the best way of minimising risks is via diversification of your portfolios.

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