The Best Dating Apps Available

Modern dating can prove to be especially difficult. With so many different tasks to take care of and work consuming more and more of our lives today, attempting to find the right mixture of personal time and professional time might seem impossible. That is why it is necessary to look for external help with dating. One way to do this is with the aid of online dating applications. These dating applications can connect individuals together in several different ways. Now, there are a few different options when it comes to dating apps, so it is important to find one that is best for any given user. Some users might find one app is better than others, which is why looking over these different applications and experimenting with them is a must.


Skout is growing to become one of the most popular applications, not just dating applications, on the market today. It is a free application to use and it is based off of the GPS settings of a user. When someone is in a given city they are able to see other users in the given area. That makes it a perk while traveling and while visiting a different area of the world. No matter where someone decides to go, Skout is going to be there for them. On top of it all, the application makes it possible to view images and to message others without much of a hassle.

One of the best features regarding Skout is the “Shake to Find” feature. It is pretty fun to do. With the application open, a user just needs to shake their phone and they are randomly connected with another user in the area. From there, the individual can look over their profile and decide whether or not they wish to message them and connect further.


Tinder is one of those applications that has been lingering around and many people have tried from time to time. With the application is doesn’t allow just anyone to message anyone. Instead, it is all about allowing someone to view another individual’s profile picture. They then select if the “Like” the pictures or if they pass on the pics. If two people “Like” each other’s pics they are then able to message one another. This is seen more as a hook-up application than as a dating application, so it just depends on what someone is looking for and what kind of relationship they want.


With more and more users accessing the application through their phone, it is possible to interact much easier than ever before. It does have a very large user number and while many of the features feel dated compared to others like Skout, it does give users the ability to meet others online based on a set location.

One Life To Live Pushed The Boundaries Of U.S. TV

In 1968, the landscape of U.S. TV was extremely one dimensional, particularly the world of daytime soap operas. ‘One Life To Live’ arrived on the TV screens of viewers in a lineup that also included the cult soap ‘Dark Shadows’; however, the position of the two soap operas in the schedules highlighted the new approach to TV drama the creators of ‘One Life To Live’ were embarking upon. The development of the fictional suburb of Llanview included a range of characters from all walks of life and social backgrounds, which differed from most daytime drama productions which remained rooted in affluent and upper class characters.

‘One Life To Live’ could be seen as the forerunner of the modern age of TV drama taking place in the 21st century, particularly as the plot developments chosen by the writers took on many difficult issues. Wrapped in a soap opera aura of sensationalism the character of Stacy Morasco, played by Crystal Hunt, highlights the many difficult plots the character was involved in. Amongst the plots Crystal Hunt’s character was involved in were those involving the use of stem cells to treat medical conditions and issues of paternity.

The role of Stacy Morasco has increased the profile and social media presence of Crystal Hunt in the 21st century, despite her only playing the character from 2009 to 2010 before returning to the role for a series of guest appearances. Since leaving the role Hunt has looked to develop a more varied career that often plays upon her career as a soap opera star; reality TV performances have included the development of a new soap opera with many former daytime drama icons.  She can be found on Facebook, if you want to know what she’s up to next.

‘One Life To Live’ was one of the first major TV shows to portray regular people on the screen in an era when this was not a fashionable way to produce television drama.

The World of Organo Gold; its Products and CEO

Organo Gold is a marketing company with a global reach spanning more than 35 countries. Organo Gold’s mission is to improve people’s life by encouraging health, wealth and life balance. This Vancouver Canada based company specializes in the sale and marketing of Ganoderma Lucidium through its high value and incredibly tasty gourmet beverages as well as personal care products and nutraceuticals. In the US and Canada, Organo markets and distributes its products through its own independent Coffee Connoisseur Club. The coffee products include Café Supreme, King of Coffee, Café Mocha and Black Coffee.

Organo Gold’s nutrition products include Ganoderma Lucidium, Grape Seed Oil and Mycelium. This is in addition to beauty, bath and spa products. To promote the potential of its products, the company, fuses several traditional Chinese herbal remedies to match different lifestyles. Organo was founded back in 2008 in the US. Today, the company has grown to become a vibrant business with a positive impact on the society. Case in point, the company sponsors a non-profit organization called OG Cares. The organization has done a lot to enrich the lives of young people across the world by molding them into responsible leaders.

Bernardo Chua
Bernardo Chua as he is fondly known is a prominent businessman, a multi-level marketing guru and the founder and CEO of Organo. Bernardo’s idea to start the Organo in 2008 was inspired by the need to market and show the world the many benefits of Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb. In the last few decades, Bernardo has dedicated so much of life marketing and selling coffee, tea and other products made using ancient herbs.

In recognition of Bernardo’s business and marketing efforts, he was awarded the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award for excellence in business and industry at an event held in Philippines in February, 2015. Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold Brand was also awarded two People’s Choice Awards, which you can see him accepting here. A year earlier; during the 22nd Annual People’s Choice Awards and National Consumers Quality Awards ceremony that took place in 2014. Bernardo’s Organo Gold was recognized as a top direct selling company in the food supplements division. In total, Bernardo has received five “Direct Sales Company of the Year” awards.

A New Trust From Brad Reifler That Aids Middle Class

Investing has long been a field where those with lower incomes have been unable to venture in. That is until now. Forefront Capital, as run by Brad Reifler, has now opened up the opportunity for investors of most income brackets to invest. This new venture is called Forefront income trust.

Mr. Reifler was not always at the top of the financial field. shows he started his career working for a variety of different companies. Getting the experience he needed to understand the ins, outs and rules of the field, in 1980 he branched out and began his own company.

He moved on and up to Forefront Capital where he is the Chief Executive Officer. As CEO Brad Reifler has done a better than good job attracting the brightest minds in the financial field as well as a significant amount of capital. He has been exclusively dealing with the top 1% of investors and has not, in his career, reached out for those of the lower income brackets.

Forefront Income Trust is a new venture for Forefront Capital that focuses on those investors who are not considered accredited. An accredited investor is one who has a net worth of over $1 million dollars, and who makes at least $200,00 a year. This, Reifler has reflected excludes 99% of those who would otherwise invest.

Realizing that this 99% could significantly benefit from a sound investment plan, he has set forth a blueprint to help these non-accredited investors. As the article continues on we see that up to this point there have strict mandate imposed on investors that have meant to protect the shareholders of companies.

The Dodd-Frank Act mandated that these mandates, orrules, be reviewed every four years. Refler’s new Income Trust allows for those individuals in the middle class to get in on investing. The new income requirements after review state that a minimum of $2,500 be invested and that those monies must remain in the account for at least one quarter( 3 months ).

Reifler’s trust goes a step further. This trust will not charge any fees or commissions until the account has earned at least 8%. This, Reifler feels, aids in bridging the gap between the very rich ad the middle class.

It was his father in law that sought to invest his life savings after he retired. Although he did not meet the income and net worth requirements so he was precluded from investing. His unique experiences working as a lay person and gettng to know the rules of investing has aided Brad Reifler in finding new ways to help those like his father in law to take savings and grow their wealth ad portfolios.

Coriant and Its New Leadership under Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, an exhibited supplier of innovative frameworks organization resolutions for driving framework directors in more than 100 countries, today proclaimed that Shaygan Kheradpir has named the Board Chairman and CEO of the company. Shaygan joins Coriant ensuing to having worked personally with the senior organization gathering after the starting of this year at Marlin Equity Partners (Marlin) as working partner.

His skill and administration will play the essential obligation for the association as enthusiasm for data concentrated end-customer applications drives amplified business part opportunities. These incorporate 100G to multi-terabit discerning metro and entire arrangement transport game plans, hyper-scale data focus and cloud base structure outs, and compact backhaul updates concerning the advancement to 4G and 5G.

As business area drivers fortify for a totally new level of capability and progression in framework architectures, operations, and organization creation, Coriant will engage its customers with cost-disruptive networks streamlined for the most amazing level of computerization, software developing, and organization agility. “Joining Coriant was at my heart due to its broad course of action in optical and data sorting out game plans, world-class development technology, global reach, and augmenting customer base of top level framework managers, furthermore cloud suppliers and extensive endeavors” said Mr. Kheradpir.

Using his dynamic consideration in the association’s key operations and key arranging, Shaygan took the new obligation to lead Coriant’s advancement technique and to strengthen on resolutions that matter most to its customers in today’s outstandingly dynamic and centered end-customer markets. He succeeds the President & CEO Pat DiPietro, who will shift to the position of Coriant’s Vice Chairman, furthermore return to his part as Operating Partner at Marlin after adequately dealing with the association through portfolio change and reconciliation enhancement exercises.

Shaygan Kheradpir is familiar with his skills in business and development sector. Kheradpir holds 3 degrees (bachelors, masters & doctorate in electrical engineering that he acquired from Cornell University. He held authority positions at GTE, Barclays, Juniper Networks, and Verizon, before he took the present position, where he has seen the wide change and value diminishment hones. Kheradpir joined Barclays in January 2011 as the CEO of the World Retail and Business Bank.  Kheradpir was hoisted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer, offering an explanation to Antony Jenkins In March 2013 and it was the only time when an innovation official sat on the Barclays official group.

Jaime Garcia Dias And His Contributions To Brazil Society

Many people are finding their way to Carioca Literature Academy because this academy in the alma-mater of Jaime Garcia Dias, a renowned writer and teacher in Brazil. His work in literature is evidence in more than twenty books he has written so far.

Writers are buying seminar tickets at the academy because this is a way of improving their knowledge in literature and writing and making themselves prepared for their future writing career. It is an easy way to get connected with many other writers as well. The academy is a writers’ community that represents a large majority of writing enthusiasts. The rules and guidelines at this academy were once unstructured. So were the teaching techniques here. But Jaime Garcia Dias through his skills and talent changed the academy into a better place. Because of his new teaching techniques and clear proof that there is a huge potential for writers, hundreds of students benefited from his advice. It saved the academy from a partial dismantling as well, which would have seriously affected the large literature community.

Jaime Garcia Dias had a humble beginning, which he’s written blog entries about. His childhood were times when he began developing interest for writing poems and short stories. His father was a renowned writer as well. He played a major role in what Jaime Garcia Dias has become now. Jaime has many articles written for various publications including Jornal Do Brazil. There he talks about his childhood memories and honors his parents. The thriving community at Carioca Literature Academy is made up of thousands of aspiring and experienced writers from all over Brazil. These are writers with every level of education, from various cultures writing in various languages and with personal goals and skills as well. This is a self-informed community where the members have found a common interest – in writing – and work together toward a common goal despite all the differences. Jaime Garcia Dias has always stood up for something he feels strongly about. He has done it with dignity. Jaime became the Vice President of the academy and was later promoted to President. His manners and social skills played an important part of his personal experiences and success as a writer as in Brazil.

If you are someone interested in literature and want to become a writer, know that there is always a time and place for everything. That time is right way and the place has to be Carioca Literature Academy. This academy has introduced a huge frontier of writing techniques to its members. People from various backgrounds and skills have found themselves participating here as well.

Follow his YouTube channel if you want to keep up on where Jaime’s career is going next.