A New Trust From Brad Reifler That Aids Middle Class

Investing has long been a field where those with lower incomes have been unable to venture in. That is until now. Forefront Capital, as run by Brad Reifler, has now opened up the opportunity for investors of most income brackets to invest. This new venture is called Forefront income trust.

Mr. Reifler was not always at the top of the financial field. About.me shows he started his career working for a variety of different companies. Getting the experience he needed to understand the ins, outs and rules of the field, in 1980 he branched out and began his own company.

He moved on and up to Forefront Capital where he is the Chief Executive Officer. As CEO Brad Reifler has done a better than good job attracting the brightest minds in the financial field as well as a significant amount of capital. He has been exclusively dealing with the top 1% of investors and has not, in his career, reached out for those of the lower income brackets.

Forefront Income Trust is a new venture for Forefront Capital that focuses on those investors who are not considered accredited. An accredited investor is one who has a net worth of over $1 million dollars, and who makes at least $200,00 a year. This, Reifler has reflected excludes 99% of those who would otherwise invest.

Realizing that this 99% could significantly benefit from a sound investment plan, he has set forth a blueprint to help these non-accredited investors. As the article continues on we see that up to this point there have strict mandate imposed on investors that have meant to protect the shareholders of companies.

The Dodd-Frank Act mandated that these mandates, orrules, be reviewed every four years. Refler’s new Income Trust allows for those individuals in the middle class to get in on investing. The new income requirements after review state that a minimum of $2,500 be invested and that those monies must remain in the account for at least one quarter( 3 months ).

Reifler’s trust goes a step further. This trust will not charge any fees or commissions until the account has earned at least 8%. This, Reifler feels, aids in bridging the gap between the very rich ad the middle class.

It was his father in law that sought to invest his life savings after he retired. Although he did not meet the income and net worth requirements so he was precluded from investing. His unique experiences working as a lay person and gettng to know the rules of investing has aided Brad Reifler in finding new ways to help those like his father in law to take savings and grow their wealth ad portfolios.

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