Dogs Will Feel as If Every Day Is Thanksgiving

Wikipedia recently reported on some food company executives who really love their products. During the interview one of them was seen to take a sample of their chicken and exclaim, on eating it, that it “Tastes just like Thanksgiving”. Normally this wouldn’t be cause for any real surprise. After all, most people who work to produce and distribute high quality organic chicken would be expected to love their own product. However, the Daily Herald also provided one extra piece of information that casts it into a whole new light. It all took place in a dog food company. The reporter was noticing a recent trend among dog food companies to produce meals that were at or even above the quality level of what most people had on their plates. This trend marks a change in how most people look at food. For quite some time people were content to have heavily processed and artificially flavored food on their own plate. As such, it’s little surprise that they purchased the same type of thing for the family pet. But more recently, people’s tastes have changed as the health benefits of fresh food has become ever more apparent. And just as originally happened, as the public’s taste in food changes so does what they look for in dog food. People want fresh and high quality food for their pets. While this is a new trend for some dog food companies, others have been providing fresh and nutritious dog foods for quite some time now. One of the most prominant is a company called Purina Beneful. And Beneful has long maintained that the best way to make a dog happy is by giving it high quality dog foods. As such they’ve made a strong point of always using fresh ingredients in their products. In fact, their dog foods are so fresh that it’s usually possible to know what’s in the dog food simply by looking at it. When Beneful makes dog food they do it in the same way people would prepare a meal for themselves. They don’t focus on a single item, but instead create real meals. People want a variety of tastes on their plate when they sit down for a meal.  And in doing so they’ve created a long tradition of great foods that will keep any dog happy and healthy.

Real Estate Buyers In New York City May Have More Leverage Due To Vacancies

The real estate market in New York City has been breaking sales records for the past two years. There are more buyers in the market than ever before, even though prices have jumped a whopping 50 percent over the last six years. Apartments are selling like hot cakes especially the lower priced apartments. Of course, lower price means apartments that are in the $400,000 to $600,000 price category.

According to an article published by, the vacancy rate has increased over the summer, but many brokers attribute that increase to the escalating prices in New York. Prices have increased for everything in New York in 2015, and many economists that are tuned into New York say more increases are coming in 2016.

The article questioned whether the real estate boom was coming to an end in New York City, but according to Andrew Heiberger, the founder of Town Residential, that’s not the case. The luxury market in New York City apartments for rent is still as hot as ever, according to Heiberger. He should know. Town Residential is the top luxury real estate company in New York. The company has more multi-million dollar listings that the brokers that star on the Bravo Television show Million Dollar Listing New York.

The brokers at Town Residential say buyers are more price conscious, so they are not overpaying. Buyers are staying away from the insane bidding wars that made values explode earlier this year. Town Residential Brokers are very busy selling high-priced apartments to buyers that live in other countries. Heiberger thinks that trend will continue next year especially if the real estate values continue to drop in other cities around the world.

But according to the article, the vacancy rate may increase in spite of that mystic. But Town Residential brokers say even though certain sections of Manhattan may experience more vacancies, areas like Astoria, parts of Brooklyn and the Lower East Side are busier than even. The East Village is not as hot as it was because of its Post-Frat boy image. The Lower East Side is now the artsy and fashionable place to live. Even the southern end of Prospect Park is experiencing a lot sales activity, and so is Bay Ridge where an agent recently sold a un-renovated three story house for almost a million dollars.

Kevin Seawright – Creating A Budget For A Community Project

When budgeting for a community development project, being organized is crucial. Getting started with a community development project can be very challenging especially when the person handling the project is not as knowledgeable or interested in the project which is a frequent occurrences with many community projects. A lot of people enjoy accepting the task, but don’t have the patience to be organized or sort it all out before getting into action. Imposing a budget on a later date or reassigning the project to another company is not the answer. The person assigned with the work needs to work out a budget in accordance with rules and discuss it with relevant authorities to make sure that the project won’t hinder other activities of the department.

Take for example, Kevin Seawright who is the Chief Financial officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or NCEDC. Under his tenure, he has handled many community development projects, some more than $600 million worth, all with clear-cut plans and strategies in place. He has built a strong team of experts within his company who are able to do the work they are assigned with in an efficient manner. So, for any project like this, there is a need to think of the budget as an ongoing exercise in planning and communication. A well-run budget for a project can save the community before it needs rescuing. This truth applies to any type of project – big or small. A project itself needs to be scrutinized and the priorities set well-ahead of the practical part. Which of the elements in a project that the community absolutely need, which are those that they are willing to give up? If spending a million dollar on something means the community is not able to recoup the investment at any date and other things are more important than the thing in question, the decision to cut back on it is the easy one to make. The key to any community development project on a strict budget is to make mutual decisions that are practical or realistic. The team that is assigned with the task should be able to move in the right direction with a reliable leader like Kevin Seawright, somebody that has the proven pedigree to hold his position.

It can also create an environment where the teams can honestly express their opinions as well. And frankly, anything that assists in doing the task successfully is probably a good thing.  Read more in WorldClassMagazines.

You can also follow Kevin personally on Twitter.  He frequently shares tips about finance, and he is also well known for his mentions on other media sites like Yahoo Finance.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Charge of Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is surely an experienced and savvy business mogul. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and hails from a long line of accomplished academic and professional achievers.


Shaygan started out his career at GTE Laboratories specializing in network control along with management. He has also served as Verizon’s Communications Chief Executive. In Verizon, he played a pivotal role in the development of the Company’s advanced communication systems.


Recently, Mr. Kheradpir was endorsed by Coriant Solutions to take up the functions of President and Chief Executive Officer. Shaygan has contributed a whole lot to the accomplishment of Coriant Solutions over the years. According to officials at New Coriant, he has been working in partnerships with the organization behind the scenes.
DiPietro now deputizes the new CEO. He expressed his gratitude for having Mr. Shaygan back in the fold having worked with him. DiPietro also attested to Mr. Shaygan workmanship and dedication and indicated that he will guide the growth of Coriant Methods to the next level.

Shaygan is an innovative entrepreneur. His skills in technology and telecommunications will shape the business ventures and strategies at Coriant Solutions. The official Coriant spokesman revealed that Shaygan’s working experience and broad knowledge of modern practices made him the man for the job.

Kheradpir is seeking alternative methods to serve the 300 clients working with Coriant at the moment.  On the global market, he will be representing Coriant’s interests on behalf of its stakeholders. Judging by his character, Shaygan will be reveling in the new challenge. He has all the inputs at his disposal to succeed and leave a legacy for himself and Coriant Solutions.

Kheradpir gained vast experience working with Marlin Partners and other telecom companies. His expertise and reputation will galvanize all stakeholders at Coriant solutions.

Open this link for detail on the new appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir http: //www. lightreading. com/optical/packet-optical/kheradpirs-coriant-comeback/a/d-id/718548


Slyce’s New Link Software and Big Contract

Slyce the visual search company that is revolutionizing shopping has entered into a contract with a major global toy company to solve its out of stock problem. The new contract doubles the earnings of the toy company with use of the proprietary software from Slyce that will bring new digital abilities to its online retail platform. The software is new from Slyce and it’s called Link.

Slyce’s latest innovation offers consumers visual alternatives similar to the original request at peak times during their online shopping experience. Using the new Link software the retailer will increase sales by retaining customers who otherwise would abandon their shopping cart. Link is designed for integration into a retailers existing sales platform by using a special technology by Slyce to add visual relevance for any product alternatives.

Cart abandonment costs retailers a lot of sales, and Slyce’s new Link will spark interest to remain and complete their shopping at the retailers site. If one item is out of stock another like it that is in stock is shown visually to the consumer in hopes of snagging the sale. The items shown as alternatives offer the same specifics as the item originally searched for by the consumer such as size or color. The customer is then free to accept the alternative and the retailer closes the sale. This new technology is available through buttons that align with the existing retail model.

Slyce already provides proprietary visual searches to major retailers by allowing a consumer to shop by scanning in a picture of the item they desire. The software works across any mobile platform, and the consumer simply snaps a picture of an item and the software does the searching for them. Major retailers such as J.C. Penny, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot are already on board with Slyce’s new platform.

Slyce an Ontario based visual search company, earns its revenue via fees and revenue streams. The revenue includes licensing for its visual search engine consumer apps and data services its supplies to retailers. Integration, promotions and transactions also bring Slyce revenue as well as their special data analytics which track database searches and requests.