Dogs Will Feel as If Every Day Is Thanksgiving

Wikipedia recently reported on some food company executives who really love their products. During the interview one of them was seen to take a sample of their chicken and exclaim, on eating it, that it “Tastes just like Thanksgiving”. Normally this wouldn’t be cause for any real surprise. After all, most people who work to produce and distribute high quality organic chicken would be expected to love their own product. However, the Daily Herald also provided one extra piece of information that casts it into a whole new light. It all took place in a dog food company. The reporter was noticing a recent trend among dog food companies to produce meals that were at or even above the quality level of what most people had on their plates. This trend marks a change in how most people look at food. For quite some time people were content to have heavily processed and artificially flavored food on their own plate. As such, it’s little surprise that they purchased the same type of thing for the family pet. But more recently, people’s tastes have changed as the health benefits of fresh food has become ever more apparent. And just as originally happened, as the public’s taste in food changes so does what they look for in dog food. People want fresh and high quality food for their pets. While this is a new trend for some dog food companies, others have been providing fresh and nutritious dog foods for quite some time now. One of the most prominant is a company called Purina Beneful. And Beneful has long maintained that the best way to make a dog happy is by giving it high quality dog foods. As such they’ve made a strong point of always using fresh ingredients in their products. In fact, their dog foods are so fresh that it’s usually possible to know what’s in the dog food simply by looking at it. When Beneful makes dog food they do it in the same way people would prepare a meal for themselves. They don’t focus on a single item, but instead create real meals. People want a variety of tastes on their plate when they sit down for a meal.  And in doing so they’ve created a long tradition of great foods that will keep any dog happy and healthy.

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