The Story of Yeonmi Park Reveals Captivity in a Communist Regime

Yeonmi Park had the struggle of a lifetime in order to find peace and freedom, something Americans take for granted. She and her mother were from North Korea, and the conditions and persecution were so bad that on March 31, 2007, they crossed the frozen Talu River into China to what they thought would be a better life. But they were mistaken.

Yeonmi was only 13 years old when they left, and during the next years, they would travel across China to the Mongolian border. Her lifestyle was outside of the law and she was subjected to continual abuse, periods of starvation and thoughts of suicide while she was in China. When Park finally reached South Korea and freedom, she said that she never knew there was so much food available; she had never seen it before.

Yeonmi captivity in China began with being raped, and she being sexually abused across China is part of her story. She says that she is reporting and telling her story because she wants to express to the rest of the world the extreme oppression and political persecution that ten’s of thousands of refugees and citizens of North Korea endure every day. Yeomni Park is a voice on Daily Mail  that shares the inhuman captivity that is endured in the extreme Communist country, but there are thousands of other refugees that also share the pain and turmoil.

Yeomni Park lost both her parents in the transition to South Korea, and she spent several years recovering from the traumatic events that occurred as she traveled through China. She protects her family that is still living in North Korea when she speaks, but she is referred to as a celebrity defector. The name doesn’t bother her because she tells her story to the media to reveal what she lived through to finally reach freedom.



Fukushima Clean Up To Take Forty More Years

Japanese officials report that the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in 2011 was a catastrophic event and after almost five years of cleanup the site is still too toxic for officials to accurately assess the extent of the damage. Fukushima Cleanup To Take Forty Years In 2011 an earthquake and resulting tsunami destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant and killed over 15,000 people near the coastal areas of the island of Japan. Officials of the plant state that while radiation levels have fallen, the area is still highly contaminated.

Officials are dealing with tons of contaminated sea water that is still flowing into the plant. Plant staff are having to store over 750 tons of contaminated water each day. So far, over 750,000 tons of contaminated water has been stored by Japanese officials. The logistics of such a task has required the construction of a new 1000 ton storage container every four days.

The true magnitude of the disaster may not be known for years has the deadly levels of radiation make it difficult for officials to get close to the reactor core to assess the extent of the spilled nuclear material. Environmental watch dog groups have expressed concerns that the plant has continued to contaminate the sea life as well as the food supply around the Fukushima area. Even though the accident took place five years ago, the effects of radiation on sea life may take generations to be revealed.


Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action; these are all too familiar in the world of sports, NBA to be precise. Ability is what you’re capable of, motivation determines what you can do, attitude determines how you do it. This are the most basic of principles in sports. The Nba is a star-studded sport that attracts a cultic following globally, it’s also one where your prowess can truly stand out. You hear or read about NBA stars all the time, what we don’t see or hear of are the individuals behind the scenes, those that make it all possible for the stars to be there in the first place.

Bruce Levenson is an all too familiar name with Atlanta Hawks fans. The efficacious business person is a former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena. The law school graduate was born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish family and grew up in Maryland. Bruce graduated with a law degree from the Washington University, St. Louis. It was during his college years that Bruce’s early career sparked off as a journalist for the Washington Star.

Bruce teamed up with Ed Peskowitz to startup United Communications Group in Bruce’s own apartment. UCG published a newsletter dubbed Oil Express that focused primarily on the oil industry. It also acquired several newsletters and made a number of oil databases. Today, UCG specializes in news, data, tech, healthcare, banking and other industries.

Atlanta Hawks LLC was instituted in 2004 to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting; Bruce was among the majority partners. Being the managing partner and an NBA board of governor’s member, Bruce hired Danny Ferry in 2012 as president of operations and general manager. In 2014, Bruce made public his plans on Forbes Magazine to sell his share of the team due to personal reasons. He hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to overlook the sale. His share was auctioned off to a group led by Tony Ressler, the billionaire co-founder of Ares Management LP.

Apart from all of this, Bruce is also a board member and founder of Tech Target. He is also a BIA Digital Partners adviser and has served as a board of director at NEPA(Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association). In 1997, Bruce was inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame. Bruce is philanthropic in nature and has supported a number of causes he cherishes.

Bruce is a founding donor at the Holocaust museum and financially supports the museums “bringing the lessons home” program. He has also worked as the president of the I Have a Dream foundation’s Washington chapter. Bruce Levenson and his wife led the development of the philanthropy center and non-profit leadership at the University of Maryland in 2010 to edify young entrepreneurs on how to manage non-profit organizations. These are hardly any of the many charitable works Bruce supports.

Bruce Levenson has earned his respect for his visionary leadership skills and excellent business expertise. From a very young age, Bruce already knew where he wanted to be and how to get there. The true secret to success is in your daily routine. Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire and become what you respect.


Eucatex Takes Its Growth To The Next Level

Eucatex is a construction supply company in Brazil that has participated for many years in the further development of Brazil, and their company has been present for much of the country’s resurgence. Paint colors from Eucatex can be found all over the country, and building supplies from Eucatex have been seen across the country. The nation of Brazil is growing because of the Olympics, and it is the best place for people to come when they want to see a growing economy. This article explains how Eucatex has become one of the engines that is driving the rebirth of a nation.

#1: Eucatex Makes The Finest Paints

Paints from Eucatex are available for sale in retail locations around South America, and Eucatex sells these paints to some of the largest builders in the country. Brazil has become a hub for development, and paint is used every day on some of the largest construction projects in the country. The country is growing for the Olympics, but the businesses that are moving into Brazil plan to stay for some time to continue that development.

#2: Flavio Maluf Is Bringing The Company Into The Future

Flavio Maluf is the family leader who has taken the helm of Eucatex for his clan. Flavio has a degree in engineering that he uses when he works as the CEO of Eucatex. Flavio understands the complicated processes that must be used during manufacturing, and he uses his considerable knowledge of the industry to help streamline production at Eucatex.  Flavio was also talking about the Pfizer merger, and how that relates to the future of Eucatex.

#3: Flavio Has A Unique Business Sense

Wikipedia indicates that Flavio uses his unique business sense to ensure that his company is operating at a profit at all times. Flavio has stepped in to ensure that his company is saving as much money as possible, and Eucatex now has more money to help produce better products for the construction industry. Companies around Brazil are counting on Eucatex to give them the best products possible, and Flavio has made a commitment to using his business experience at CitiCorp and other banks to save money wherever possible while creating the best new products.  Having that experience, Flavio Maluf was looked to for commentary on the Dupont and Dow chemical merger right here in Brazil.

#4: Why Is Construction Important In Brazil?

Construction has become very important in Brazil because the country itself is in the midst of a massive growth spurt. Buildings are rising everywhere, and the Olympics are bringing billions to South America. Those billions are spent on construction materials that Eucatex makes, and construction projects feature much of what Eucatex does best.

Eucatex is coming into the 21st Century with the help of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a brilliant businessman who has brought his family business to the forefront of development in Brazil, made the company a retail giant and made his company more profitable.

FreedomPop’s Latest Plan Is Good News For Globetrotters

FreedomPop’s latest funding, valued at $50 million, is good news for international travelers who rely on mobile data to do business. The startup’s going after major carriers that charge astronomical roaming fees for data use by offering a hotspot for $49 with 200 free megabytes of high-speed data each month. Currently, FreedomPop’s has hotspots in 25 counties, with more on the way.

California-based FreedomPop is gaining a great deal of attention by offering free basic voice, text and 4G mobile broadband data service in the United States and the U.K., with options to buy more minutes as needed. By using Sprint’s infrastructure for its cellular network and partnering with several companies for Wi-Fi, FreedomPop gives users extensive, reliable coverage in the U.S., with more mobile hotspots on the way.

FreedomPop spends very little on promoting itself, unlike other major carriers, who spend millions each year on advertising. Instead, the innovative mobile phone company relies on word-of-mouth advertising, which is working out very well. People love free services, especially when they can add extra minutes at a very low cost, and they love telling others about it. FreedomPop does not tie users into expensive, long-term contracts; they even sell refurbished phones, therefore everyone, regardless of their income, can have mobile service.

Healthy Food And Happy Dogs

The dog food manufacturing is working towards a new level of how animals eat. The health of our pets is extremely important, and now the dog food companies are making sure dogs are eating healthier. Many companies from Fresh Pet to Purina are making dog food with real food and nutrients to improve the life span of animals. People are eating healthier to improve their life, and now animals will be able to as well. The dog food that is being produced has more natural and healthier food that consists of a variety of choices to fit your pets’ needs. Purina is also stepping up the way animals eat with the Beneful dog food products. Beneful offers a great way to increase the dogs energy, and life span by providing a variety of choices of foods for any type of dog. Beneful recognizes that not all dogs are the same, and therefore should not be fed the same type of food. The natural tasty meals are made with real meat and vegetables to fit your dogs dietary needs. Pets may need different nutrients with each stage of life they live, and Purina Beneful is offering special foods for all ages and dietary requirements. Pet owners can choose and personalize the foods they want to buy for their dogs. The dogs enjoy the great taste of food in every bite. The nutritional and wonderful tasting food is a fast growing trend for pet owners across the globe. The many dog food manufacturers are looking at dog food production as humans look at healthy food purchases. Owners agree that dogs should be able to eat yummy nutritional food just like their masters to ensure longer active lives. The sales of real healthy food has increased in the last five years, and sales continue to rise. Pets are enjoying this new type of food, and owners are seeing improvement in their animals physical activity.