Eucatex Takes Its Growth To The Next Level

Eucatex is a construction supply company in Brazil that has participated for many years in the further development of Brazil, and their company has been present for much of the country’s resurgence. Paint colors from Eucatex can be found all over the country, and building supplies from Eucatex have been seen across the country. The nation of Brazil is growing because of the Olympics, and it is the best place for people to come when they want to see a growing economy. This article explains how Eucatex has become one of the engines that is driving the rebirth of a nation.

#1: Eucatex Makes The Finest Paints

Paints from Eucatex are available for sale in retail locations around South America, and Eucatex sells these paints to some of the largest builders in the country. Brazil has become a hub for development, and paint is used every day on some of the largest construction projects in the country. The country is growing for the Olympics, but the businesses that are moving into Brazil plan to stay for some time to continue that development.

#2: Flavio Maluf Is Bringing The Company Into The Future

Flavio Maluf is the family leader who has taken the helm of Eucatex for his clan. Flavio has a degree in engineering that he uses when he works as the CEO of Eucatex. Flavio understands the complicated processes that must be used during manufacturing, and he uses his considerable knowledge of the industry to help streamline production at Eucatex.  Flavio was also talking about the Pfizer merger, and how that relates to the future of Eucatex.

#3: Flavio Has A Unique Business Sense

Wikipedia indicates that Flavio uses his unique business sense to ensure that his company is operating at a profit at all times. Flavio has stepped in to ensure that his company is saving as much money as possible, and Eucatex now has more money to help produce better products for the construction industry. Companies around Brazil are counting on Eucatex to give them the best products possible, and Flavio has made a commitment to using his business experience at CitiCorp and other banks to save money wherever possible while creating the best new products.  Having that experience, Flavio Maluf was looked to for commentary on the Dupont and Dow chemical merger right here in Brazil.

#4: Why Is Construction Important In Brazil?

Construction has become very important in Brazil because the country itself is in the midst of a massive growth spurt. Buildings are rising everywhere, and the Olympics are bringing billions to South America. Those billions are spent on construction materials that Eucatex makes, and construction projects feature much of what Eucatex does best.

Eucatex is coming into the 21st Century with the help of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a brilliant businessman who has brought his family business to the forefront of development in Brazil, made the company a retail giant and made his company more profitable.

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