Contributions of Stephen Murray in Making CCMP Capital a Global Firm

The firm has an incredible global presence due to its ability to offer personalized services to its broad client base. It has a website and a customer care department that responds to queries and clarifications that are posted by the customers. The firm has implemented an effective strategy for dealing with complaints that are posted by few customers. These features have led to the increased awareness of CCMP Capital and popularity of products it deploys into the market.

CCMP Capital is based in New York City, and over 50 highly experienced investment managers operating from several offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York manage the firm. CCMP began to specialize in leverage buyout and growth of capitals back in 2006. The company has been involved in a series of name changes. After the purchase of JP Morgan Chase Bank, the company changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. Despite being known by different names over the last couples of years, CCMP is a prominent company managing more than $12 billion in transactions only.

The firm is busy when it comes to acquisitions and mergers. It integrates with top financial institutions as a strategy of landing high net worth clients. For over fifteen years, the firm has been collaborating with prominent financial institution available in the United States. 2006 and 2007 are the two years that many established investment banks experienced a series of separations in the American history. Therefore, the separation from JP Morgan Chase marked an important step for CCMP Capital. Since the separation, the company has been expanding its operation and investing in sectors such as consumer, healthcare, chemical, and industry.

Immediately after the separation, the firm raised $3.4 billion to invest in the Capital Investor II. The value $3.4 billion was way below the set target. However, CCMP Capital was able to produce satisfying results, which neutralized the concerns. The firm attributes its success to its skillful team of employees that have remained loyal to the company since inception.

Facts about Investor Stephen P. Murray

He used his role as the President and Chief Executive Officer to lead CCMP Capital in cementing a top position in the private equity market. He attended Boston College and graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics in 1984. Steve Murray later joined Columbia Business Schools and graduated with a business administration master’s degree in 1984. Murray established his entrepreneurial career from a humble beginning, working as a trainee credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He passed on March 12, 2015 according to fortune, at the age of 52 years.

A Republican Candidate Manages To Soft Out Financial Support From George Soros.

George Soros, the Hungarian-born Forbes billionaire is already back to his earlier fame of big political funding these elections. George Soros has been a democratic supporter and from time in a memorial, he has been supporting Democratic candidates. In 2004, George Soros name entered the books of history after he donated $20 million to the election cycle. These funds were donated to anti-Bush re-election campaigns. This elections season George Soros has risen again after a short recess from the political funding scene. As usual, George Soros is behind the Democrats and his favorite candidate is Hillary Clinton. According to George Soros LatinoFoxNews sources, this billionaire funder was once heard expressing his disappointment for not supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.
Hillary Clinton and George Soros have been close allies for some time know. So far George Soros has donated over $13 million to the Democratic campaigns, and about $8 million of this sum has gone towards Hillary Clinton‘s campaign super PACs led by Priorities USA Action, which so far has received $7 million. George Soros is expected by to continue showing his support for the Democratic policies as time goes by and his donations are predicted to rocket with the near. George Soros has already pledged $5 million to support another Democratic course to reform oppressive voting laws all over the country.

The former Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican candidate, is growing more determined as time goes by. His super PAC, New Day for America, has recently received donations that are sending shivers all over the conservatives camps. John Kasich has managed to source out funds from some of the biggest funders in America and George Soros is one of them. According to Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller, the managers of Soros Funds, $488,375 have already been donated to John Kasich campaigns. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) records to support this donation from George Soros. Currently, George Soros has been engaging in donations for pro- amnesty groups such as and ACORN that seek to promote human rights in the country.

George Soros said that his current efforts were dedicated to fighting against the new border regulations being pushed by most Republican candidates. He says he is dedicated to seeing that the principles of an open society are upheld in the country. He goes on to say that immigration reforms from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are undemocratic and inhuman. George Soros says that he decided to support John Kasich because of his reasonable policies even though he is a Republican. He goes on to say that John Kasich is the best Republican candidate as he does not go along other Republicans conservationist policies. He says that his aim is to see that he wins the primaries ahead of other conservative candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and their bad policies. George Soros says that he will continue supporting righteous courses in the nation. He says that both immigrants and native citizens in America have equal human rights and deserve to be treated with dignity.

The Political Insider.

Why Choose The Lime Crime Brand Of Makeup

A great brand of makeup is often hard to find because you may be tired of the same boring old colors that you have seen before. If this has been a problem for you, it might help for you to discover the Lime Crime brand for yourself. This brand has been founded by Doe Deere, an innovator of her time in the makeup industry. Her passion was to bring a range of different cosmetics that were unlike anything you have ever seen before. This includes colors and palettes that are unlike many others on the market and it can be easy for you to find what you need and want by choosing a brand like this.

If you are considering the Lime Crime brand for yourself, there are a few things for you to know about the company. For one, they have vegan products to make you feel good about what it is that you are buying. Once you choose to begin buying the Lime Crime items, you will also notice that there are different colors that are totally different from anything you have ever seen before. You can check out the Lime Crime website to get a feel for what is available to you. Be sure to check out the different types of products out there to pick one that’s best for your needs.  There are tons of cool celebrities that wear the makeup too, like how the Facebook identifies Melanie Martinez.

Considering the large amount of colors and products that the Lime Crime brand offers on Urban Outfitters, it is simple to begin finding a product that is right for you. Be sure to think about switching to this brand just so that you can feel more confident about the type of product you are picking for yourself. There are tons of different brands out there to choose from, but the Lime Crime brand is still one of the best and is found in some of the high end department stores out there because of how popular it has been to the public. You can feel confident in knowing that you are picking a brand that offers amazing types of products for a reasonable price for you and your family.  The : Lime Crime Velvetines (Wicked) : Beauty color is my favorite shade of lipstick.

Helane Morrison: A Great, Honest Person in The Middle of Corruptors

Helane Morisson was born in Brooklyn. He completed her Bachelor degree at the Northwestern University, Illinois. She then decided to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. At the US Court of Appeals, she has experience as a law clerk. From the beginning, Morrison has always worked to protect the vulnerable and prevent corruption. Today, we will discuss Helane Morrison and her marks in the industry.

Corruption and Crisis
The 2007-2008 financial crisis is known as the worst financial crisis since 1930’s Great Depression. However, in this period, corruption and other unethical behaviors were exposed. To everyone’s surprise, there are a lot of falsified records, underhanded dealings, and even fraud revealed. The massive amount of corruption and the fact that it has remained unchecked for a long time surprised a lot of people and they don’t know who to trust anymore.
Even now, Americans still have no trust or faith. Because of the huge crisis, people are aware that there is no guarantee in the financial world; they realize that investing isn’t safe. Investors have to educate themselves in order to be successful in the industry. However, this tends to be difficult because the information needed is not available. People also need a firm regulation of investment process so that it will be a safer process.
Helane Morrison
Morrison is different from the majority of people in the industry. After several years of experience in the working world, the government noticed her abilities and she was invited to the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange to work there. She got the full authority to protect individuals and corporations against fraud.
After years of working with the government, she decided that she want to change something; she wants to promote equality in her financial workspace. There is a lack of female leadership in the financial service industry. She then started to try and change this inequality and joined Hall Capital.
The massive amount of fraud and corruption worries people, but Helane Morrison is a trusted person. She continues to promote equality even until today. Hall Capital is located in San Francisco and it is the most successful investment advisory firm. Morrison will continue to thrive in the industry and work harder.

Philanthropy Runs Deep with the DeVos Family

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and businessman from Michigan. He has been listed by Forbes magazine as the 67th richest person in the United States, with a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion. Richard DeVos, his father was the Amway co-founder. The DeVos name is a name that holds a little weight in the Grand Rapids area. Dick DeVos was appointed briefly as CEO and President of Amway and currently serves as its President at The Windquest Group. He with his wife, Betsy are dedicated to their roles of philanthropically looking after the less fortunate in the society. Dick DeVos is president of Windquest Group, an investment, and management company, where his wife, Betsy, serves as chairwoman. See Dick DeVos company contact information here.

The couple, Dick and Betsy DeVos, have been married for more than three decades and have four kids who have grown and have families of their own making the DeVos grandparents. The Dick and Betsy started a foundation, DeVos Family Foundation, and since its launch in 1989, have helped many people achieve their goals that they could only dream of. School choice is one of its areas of interest, along with community health, the arts, and revitalizing the neighborhood. Grants have been awarded such as Potter’s House, a Michigan Christian organization that runs two faith-based schools, an elementary school and a high school within the state; and West Michigan Aviation Academy, an aviation-focused charter school in Grand Rapids. For several years in a row, the Education Freedom Fund got the biggest share of the grant money, which gives needy children, scholarships to private schools. The DeVos family gave $12.5 million each for a new building at DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich, which is run by Spectrum Health, a nonprofit health-care system.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

The DeVos family for the first time is shedding light on the totality of its philanthropy which is near $1.2 billion in lifetime giving. In the last 30 years, Rich DeVos and his family have donated $36 million to Grand Valley State University. Dick and Betsy have a particular passion for their home state of Michigan to provide the best educational opportunities for youth. Dick DeVos expressed how incredibly grateful he is to his parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within the family. and that he is happy to be part of the community.

Read more about DeVos by browsing his website


George Soros has been active in political funding for an extended period in the United States politics. He financed the Democratic Party in the year 2004 and had earlier made donations to help small Latino and general immigrant groups in realizing their political potential. George Soros has made another outstanding impact on the 2016 political arena by leading other liberal donors and billionaires in funding the Democratic Party’s Latino voter project. This is a project that will aim at bringing in more votes from the immigrants and Latinos in the USA. It will be a mobilization project which will aim at seeking new support and strengthening the existent support given to the Democrats by the Latinos. However, the project will have to counter one problem which is the dissatisfaction shown by the Latinos and the immigrants towards the current Democrat leadership. They feel that the party did not fully do as promised. A considerable number of deportations were made in the in the same term. The funds donated by George Soros and other liberal billionaires will, therefore, be used to rectify the situation and seek new voter support.
George Soros originates from Hungary and thus considers himself as an immigrant in the United States. This is the reason for his philanthropist behavior towards the Latino and immigrant projects. He is an ardent supporter of the Democrats whose loyalty to the party has never relented. He considers the Democrats as being the solution and to immigration malpractice by the authorities. Despite the complaints forwarded by some section of the immigrants about the unjust deportations during the Democratic Party’s rule, Soros still believes that Democratic Party is the party to be supported by any immigrant in the country.
Bernie Sanders is among the billionaires donating funds to be used in the Super PACs project. He is also the party’s candidate and has found it better to take part in the funding as a way of motivating more sponsors. George Soros is the major sponsor of the Democratic Party’s campaigning activities. The $15 million donated for the purpose of being used in the Latino voter mobilization project has been the idea of Soros, who donated $5 million of the total.
George Soros has spent over $13 million in political funding this year alone according to The New York Times. This billionaire is determined to have the Democrats in power and will give any amount to fund the party’s activities. The Latino voter project is meant to boost the overall tally for the Democratic Party candidate. It will be targeted to those states in the United States where there are more immigrants and Latinos. The other immigrant groups such as Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics who impact on the country’s population will also be targeted.

Jon Urbana’s Web Quests

Jon Urbana has a blog in which he keeps track of many of his projects an interests. From music, articles, videos, business ventures and more, everything having to do with Jon Urbana and his happenings can be found on his blog which is featured on WordPress. His blog features the latest post on the home page, yet posts can be searched by category or by archived time.

In a very recent post by Jon Urbana, there is a picture featured of three pieces of toast on a plate with fruit, cheese and jam set up to look like a smiley face. A full-sized pic on Twitter was shared to Urbana’s followers as well. Beneath the pieces of toast on the edges of the plate are letters that spell out ‘Bom Dia’, which is Portuguese for Good Day. This correlates with the title of the post which is Good Morning and Happy Birthday.

Another one of Urbana’s posts that can be found here features a picture of some of the spices used by Jamie Oliver who is a famous celebrity chef. Each spice is placed into a nice white spoon in a diagonal line on a wooden table. Some of the spices pictured in the post include ginger, chili and pepper.

Some of the posts found in Jon Urbana’s blog also include embedded videos. In this post, there is a clip from a BMW promotion that features the new BMW M4 vehicle. The clip shows a racer as he prepares to enter the M4 model and eventually races away in it.

In this post, Jon Urbana include a link to a post on SoundCloud as well as a description of what the audio file contains. It is a clip of a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation in Chicago responding to the amount of snow inhibiting travel.

Another interesting post by Jon Urbana which can be read here, features an audio book extract of a play called ‘Ten Days’ by Gillian Slovo. In the post, Urbana also includes a description of what happens at Next Level Lacrosse Camp in the audio book extract which can be found within a link at the top of the post for those who want to listen to it.

World Leaders Use Talk Fusion

Regardless of if you want to take over the world or just take control of the market share, using video can help you do it. Everything is better with video. Imagine what your emails would look like if you included video. The facts are out there that support the use of video. Did you know that around twenty three percent of people say they have already used video chat? It is estimated that ninety percent of all internet traffic will be using video by the year 2017. Let’s face it, video is engaging for everyone. In our society who doesn’t like to watch or make videos? In business it is easier than ever to use video to make conference calls and more.

We all know that world leaders use video and video conference calls. The important thing to remember is that the term world leader can be open to someone who leads the world to a product or service idea too. Anyone who wants to launch a video newsletter or send a video email can use Talk Fusion.

What is Talk Fusion and who created it? Talk Fusion is a platform that allows anyone to create any number of video communications. It was started by Bob Reina. Mr. Reina told AOL that he wanted to send his friend a video email and AOL said it could not be done. Bob Reina knew it could be done and he set out to have a video platform created that would help him to send video emails. Lucky for all of us Bob didn’t stop there. Talk Fusion does so much more.

When Reina created this company he wanted to make sure that Talk Fusion offered state of the art video technology that is unmatched. Today you can use video for business communication and increased social interaction. If you are in business and need to capture a lead, a video can be used on your webpage or in your email. You can use the Talk Fusion platform for video chat or live meetings. Do you have to train your staff on something? Do you want to talk about a new idea or customer service? Talk Fusion is the easy to use platform that makes it all possible. The best part is it is cost effective and easy to use.

“Queens Of Drama” Produce A New TV Show

The “Queens Of Drama” has proven to be one of the most successful new scripted reality TV shows in the world filled with glamour, drama, and some of the most famous faces from U.S. TV. Crystal Hunt, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills head the cast of this show, which follows the all female cast as they attempt to create a new drama that will provide strong roles for women. The chances of success for the newly created production company are increased when the stars of the show decide soap opera and movie icon Donna Mills should head the company as her strong presence is one that will not be ignored by fellow industry professionals.

The decision to appoint Mills as the head of the “Queens Of Drama” production company is made with the assistance of Crystal Hunt, who made her name as the star of “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. The soap opera star is one of the best known names in the U.S. TV industry, but now reveals her own personality in “Queens Of Drama” for the first time in her career.

Deciding to appear on the scripted reality show is something of a surprise for fans of Crystal Hunt as she has recently been carving out a successful career in various TV and movie roles. Perhaps the best known role of recent years for Crystal Hunt has been that of Lauren in “Magic Mike: XXL”, which provided her with critical and box office acclaim for her role.

Crystal Hunt brings more than just her acting skills to the “Queens Of Drama” when she reveals the extent of her business skills that have been developed alongside her roles on TV and film. The high quality of business experience is matched by a number of her fellow production company owners who have also used their fame and fortune to develop successful business careers outside the entertainment industry; the “Queens Of Drama” hope the pilot they produce over the course of the first season will lead to the green light for the production of a new prime time TV drama.  Metacritic implies Crystal Hunt has a lot in the pipeline, so be sure to follow her on Facebook as her career continues to grow.

U.S. Money Reserve promotes coin to honor sailors


The U.S. Money Reserve, based in Austin, Texas, is offering to contribute to a Lone Sailor Statue according to a report, that will be unveiled at Pearl Harbor on the 75th anniversary of the bombing that happened there Dec. 7, 1941. The U.S. Money Reserve is an operation that sells gold and silver coins that have been released by the government. The company is selling a 75th anniversary coin to commemorate the date, and the proceeds will go to help pay for the statue, according to a story in Yahoo News. Company officials say they will donate all the money they get from the sales of the coins to help pay for the statue that is being made by the U.S. Navy Memorial group.

The Washington, D.C. Naval Memorial has a large center near the White House, including a statue of a lone sailor, a symbol honoring all Navy members.
Most memorials honoring Navy veterans have this statue, and they want to have one at Pearl Harbor to unveil before the anniversary.

The statue will be the same as the one in Washington. The statue is a 7-foot tall statue made of bronze weighing 1,000 pounds. It also has a sailor’s bag and cleat that weights 700 pounds. The new one will be above memorials to the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri. Part of the steel from the Arizona superstructure will a part of the display when the statue is unveiled.

The U.S. Money Reserve distributes gold and silver coins that are a vehicle to invest in physical precious metals, as well as an opportunity for people to add to their collections of interesting coins, company officials said. Coins are being sold for $5.