U.S. Money Reserve promotes coin to honor sailors


The U.S. Money Reserve, based in Austin, Texas, is offering to contribute to a Lone Sailor Statue according to a kusi.com report, that will be unveiled at Pearl Harbor on the 75th anniversary of the bombing that happened there Dec. 7, 1941. The U.S. Money Reserve is an operation that sells gold and silver coins that have been released by the government. The company is selling a 75th anniversary coin to commemorate the date, and the proceeds will go to help pay for the statue, according to a story in Yahoo News. Company officials say they will donate all the money they get from the sales of the coins to help pay for the statue that is being made by the U.S. Navy Memorial group.

The Washington, D.C. Naval Memorial has a large center near the White House, including a statue of a lone sailor, a symbol honoring all Navy members.
Most memorials honoring Navy veterans have this statue, and they want to have one at Pearl Harbor to unveil before the anniversary.

The statue will be the same as the one in Washington. The statue is a 7-foot tall statue made of bronze weighing 1,000 pounds. It also has a sailor’s bag and cleat that weights 700 pounds. The new one will be above memorials to the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri. Part of the steel from the Arizona superstructure will a part of the display when the statue is unveiled.

The U.S. Money Reserve distributes gold and silver coins that are a vehicle to invest in physical precious metals, as well as an opportunity for people to add to their collections of interesting coins, company officials said. Coins are being sold for $5.

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