Jon Urbana’s Web Quests

Jon Urbana has a blog in which he keeps track of many of his projects an interests. From music, articles, videos, business ventures and more, everything having to do with Jon Urbana and his happenings can be found on his blog which is featured on WordPress. His blog features the latest post on the home page, yet posts can be searched by category or by archived time.

In a very recent post by Jon Urbana, there is a picture featured of three pieces of toast on a plate with fruit, cheese and jam set up to look like a smiley face. A full-sized pic on Twitter was shared to Urbana’s followers as well. Beneath the pieces of toast on the edges of the plate are letters that spell out ‘Bom Dia’, which is Portuguese for Good Day. This correlates with the title of the post which is Good Morning and Happy Birthday.

Another one of Urbana’s posts that can be found here features a picture of some of the spices used by Jamie Oliver who is a famous celebrity chef. Each spice is placed into a nice white spoon in a diagonal line on a wooden table. Some of the spices pictured in the post include ginger, chili and pepper.

Some of the posts found in Jon Urbana’s blog also include embedded videos. In this post, there is a clip from a BMW promotion that features the new BMW M4 vehicle. The clip shows a racer as he prepares to enter the M4 model and eventually races away in it.

In this post, Jon Urbana include a link to a post on SoundCloud as well as a description of what the audio file contains. It is a clip of a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation in Chicago responding to the amount of snow inhibiting travel.

Another interesting post by Jon Urbana which can be read here, features an audio book extract of a play called ‘Ten Days’ by Gillian Slovo. In the post, Urbana also includes a description of what happens at Next Level Lacrosse Camp in the audio book extract which can be found within a link at the top of the post for those who want to listen to it.