George Soros has been active in political funding for an extended period in the United States politics. He financed the Democratic Party in the year 2004 and had earlier made donations to help small Latino and general immigrant groups in realizing their political potential. George Soros has made another outstanding impact on the 2016 political arena by leading other liberal donors and billionaires in funding the Democratic Party’s Latino voter project. This is a project that will aim at bringing in more votes from the immigrants and Latinos in the USA. It will be a mobilization project which will aim at seeking new support and strengthening the existent support given to the Democrats by the Latinos. However, the project will have to counter one problem which is the dissatisfaction shown by the Latinos and the immigrants towards the current Democrat leadership. They feel that the party did not fully do as promised. A considerable number of deportations were made in the in the same term. The funds donated by George Soros and other liberal billionaires will, therefore, be used to rectify the situation and seek new voter support.
George Soros originates from Hungary and thus considers himself as an immigrant in the United States. This is the reason for his philanthropist behavior towards the Latino and immigrant projects. He is an ardent supporter of the Democrats whose loyalty to the party has never relented. He considers the Democrats as being the solution and to immigration malpractice by the authorities. Despite the complaints forwarded by some section of the immigrants about the unjust deportations during the Democratic Party’s rule, Soros still believes that Democratic Party is the party to be supported by any immigrant in the country.
Bernie Sanders is among the billionaires donating funds to be used in the Super PACs project. He is also the party’s candidate and has found it better to take part in the funding as a way of motivating more sponsors. George Soros is the major sponsor of the Democratic Party’s campaigning activities. The $15 million donated for the purpose of being used in the Latino voter mobilization project has been the idea of Soros, who donated $5 million of the total.
George Soros has spent over $13 million in political funding this year alone according to The New York Times. This billionaire is determined to have the Democrats in power and will give any amount to fund the party’s activities. The Latino voter project is meant to boost the overall tally for the Democratic Party candidate. It will be targeted to those states in the United States where there are more immigrants and Latinos. The other immigrant groups such as Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics who impact on the country’s population will also be targeted.


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