A Republican Candidate Manages To Soft Out Financial Support From George Soros.

George Soros, the Hungarian-born Forbes billionaire is already back to his earlier fame of big political funding these elections. George Soros has been a democratic supporter and from time in a memorial, he has been supporting Democratic candidates. In 2004, George Soros name entered the books of history after he donated $20 million to the election cycle. These funds were donated to anti-Bush re-election campaigns. This elections season George Soros has risen again after a short recess from the political funding scene. As usual, George Soros is behind the Democrats and his favorite candidate is Hillary Clinton. According to George Soros LatinoFoxNews sources, this billionaire funder was once heard expressing his disappointment for not supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.
Hillary Clinton and George Soros have been close allies for some time know. So far George Soros has donated over $13 million to the Democratic campaigns, and about $8 million of this sum has gone towards Hillary Clinton‘s campaign super PACs led by Priorities USA Action, which so far has received $7 million. George Soros is expected by bloomberg.com to continue showing his support for the Democratic policies as time goes by and his donations are predicted to rocket with the near. George Soros has already pledged $5 million to support another Democratic course to reform oppressive voting laws all over the country.

The former Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican candidate, is growing more determined as time goes by. His super PAC, New Day for America, has recently received donations that are sending shivers all over the conservatives camps. John Kasich has managed to source out funds from some of the biggest funders in America and George Soros is one of them. According to Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller, the managers of Soros Funds, $488,375 have already been donated to John Kasich campaigns. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) records to support this donation from George Soros. Currently, George Soros has been engaging in donations for pro- amnesty groups such as MoveOn.org and ACORN that seek to promote human rights in the country.

George Soros said that his current efforts were dedicated to fighting against the new border regulations being pushed by most Republican candidates. He says he is dedicated to seeing that the principles of an open society are upheld in the country. He goes on to say that immigration reforms from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are undemocratic and inhuman. George Soros says that he decided to support John Kasich because of his reasonable policies even though he is a Republican. He goes on to say that John Kasich is the best Republican candidate as he does not go along other Republicans conservationist policies. He says that his aim is to see that he wins the primaries ahead of other conservative candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and their bad policies. George Soros says that he will continue supporting righteous courses in the nation. He says that both immigrants and native citizens in America have equal human rights and deserve to be treated with dignity.

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