Sam Tabar Continues To Make Career Strides

The finance industry is extremely important to the growth of the American economy. Millions of people put their trust in financial professionals to allow them to build their wealth. There are thousands of people in the financial industry making decisions everyday, but smart people only put their trust in the best-trained men and women in the field. One of the smartest minds in the financial field today is Sam Tabar.

Sam Tabar was bright from an early age, and easily worked his way into law school. He earned his law degree from Oxford University, as well as Columbia University, and worked as an attorney for many years. Sam was a talented attorney, but he soon felt led to serve in the financial field.

Sam excelled at working for various financial firms and quickly built a name for himself. Firms loved his willingness to work hard to achieve his goals, and his experience at law allowed him to easily stay within the legal bounds at all times. With his expertise in finance, and his ability to understand the financial law, Sam quickly rose up through the ranks of the finance industry.

In 2013, Sam was made head of the Asia Pacific Capital Introduction for Merrill Lynch. He was still working as an attorney at a popular law firm, but he excelled in his role with Merrill Lynch, he is knowledgeable about Asian affairs and he speaks multiple languages well. His ability to properly run a hedge fund makes him a desired quality throughout the financial industry.

Organizations throughout the financial industry have been recruiting Sam Tabar with vigor. He has fielded multiple offers, and he recently came to an agreement with FullCycle Energy Fund. The fund has decided to declare him Chief Operating Officer.

Sam Tabar expressed excitement on Twitter about working with FullCycle Energy for years to come. He recognizes that FullCycle has an extremely talented leadership team. The company is built on the goal of eliminating high cost fuels and moving towards more environmentally sound fuels. The company feels that the fuels of tomorrow will be better for the Earth while also being lower in cost. Their goals are admirable, and Sam’s talent will change the company for the better.

Sam Tabar is one of the most talented names in the world of business, and people should pay attention to his every move. His move to FullCycle should help the company grow for years to come.¬† Watch his official website to see Sam’s career as it happens.

Autism Rocks Set to Roll Out in 2016

Sanjay Shah is a well known businessman and philanthropist. Shah is best known for creating Autism Rocks. It is a charitable organization created to help fund autism research, The organization was launched after Shah’s son, Kikhil, was diagnosed with autism. The main method of raising funds for Autism Rocks is to hold benefit music concerts. This month the 2016 Autism Rocks festival will take place. It will feature several family oriented festivities. The music concert part of the festival will be highlighted by the artists Flo Rida and Tyga,
Autism Rocks began in 2014, It has included performers like Prince, Snoop Dogg. Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble,and Drake. Autism Rocks also has a donation enabled website.
Autism is a developmental disability that results in difficulty for sufferers when it comes to social relationships and communication. It affects 1 in 68 children born every year. Shah hopes Autism Rocks will help in treating victims of the disorder.
Sanjay Shah is a successful businessman. He is the founder of the Solo Capital brokerage firm located in London England. In a recent podcast Shah offered advice to potential future business owners. Shah says you should not underestimate the amount of money needed to start a business, And you should not think you can easily do everything yourself.
Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah. He continues to play a great role in how the business is run. The company is a private equity and financial advisory firm. The mission of the company is to supply clients with the tools needed to reach financial success. Solo Capital strives to give clients the right advice on a regular basis.

Shed Weight Without Shedding Foods

NutriMost is a program that makes it easier to lose weight. This is a program that isn’t like most diets that I have tried. It’s catered toward each person and the needs that each person’s body has instead of a cookie cutter diet for everyone. Dr. Mitch Gordon developed the program, and it has been an immense help in getting me to the healthy weight that I want.
I can eat whatever I want, which is why I like this program. I have found out through my facebook buddies how to eat healthy. In the first week, I lost about 10 pounds because I knew of the foods to eat to speed up my metabolism. There is fat in the body that is more harmful than other kinds, which is why I wanted to start losing weight and getting healthy. The program identifies what will work with the body in order to balance the metabolism without maintaining one food over another. According to, I do have to monitor the portions that I eat, but other than that, I can eat as many fruits and vegetables that I like. It has helped to lower my blood pressure and get my diabetes under control since I have shed about 40 pounds in the past month and a half.
NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

Organo Gold: Coffee with a Global Touch

Organo Gold is becoming something of a phenomenon. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua announced in April, 2015, that the company now operates in 39 countries. The newest addition is Turkey. Not bad for a company less than 10 years old. Organo Gold markets a full line of coffee products through a multi-level distribution organization. The flagship coffee products are certified organic and incorporate a Chinese mushroom herb called Ganoderma. At least as far back as the fabled Ming dynasty, the Chinese have valued this herb for his health benefits.

This rapid expansion is no accident. Chua is following what he calls a “Global Footprint Initiative” designed to rapidly create a strong worldwide network of wholesale marketers. Turkey is seen as especially important to this goal for a couple f reasons. First, the country lies at the juncture of Asia, Europe and Africa. It thus ties his company together. Second, Turkey is traditionally a coffee-drinking nation and one that has a growing and developing a more active lifestyle. Turkey seems poised to become one of the markets that will set performance standards for the company’s future growth.

CrunchBase tells us Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. He originally hails from the Philippines. He spent several years working in multi-level marketing in that part of the world. Most notably, Chua helped expand Gamo Excel, a multi-level food and supplement company, into several Asian countries and eventually to the United States.

After coming to America, Chua eventually settled in Canada. Organo Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s product line reads like a coffee drinkers’ happy fantasy, with selections that include Gourmet Black, Espresso and Mocha. Organo Gold distributors also supply a selection of teas and coffee products.

Understanding The Role Of Investment Banks In The Economy

If you think all investment banks do is investment money into stocks and bonds and then sell them off for a profit, then you are wrong. Investment banks perform a large variety of financial tasks besides investing in stocks and bonds. For example, did you know that investment banks help companies proceed with a merger with another firm?

In the case of mergers, an investment bank help the merging process to go through smoothly. They do this by minimizing disruptions caused to both companies and helping to lay out a restructuring plan that incorporates both firms into the newer and large firm that results from the merger.

Another task that investment banks perform is guiding a company through an acquisition of another typically smaller firm. In this role investment banks can act as mediator or middlemen. They often help ensure that the deal is fair for both parties, so that the acquisition can go through with minimal turmoil.

Investment banks also provide portfolio valuation services to clients. In portfolio valuation, an investment bank provides an unbiased valuation of the assets of a company or individual based on current and projected market value of the assets.

Helping companies raise capital is one of the investment banks most important tasks. They often value the stock of a company, and then are actually involved in the selling process. For this service, investment banks charge fees or get a percentage of the shares sold.

Martin Lustgarten, is an example of an investment banker who has dealt with the tasks outlined above. He has created his own firm called Lustgarten Martin which operates out of Florida. The firm specializes in investment in Central, South and North America.

Martin Lustgarten is fluent in Spanish and is well acquainted with the culture and business environment of Central and South America. He lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, outside of Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Lustgarten is an avid collector of rare watches and other rare antiques. He also trades in antiques in addition to managing his investment firm Lustgarten Martin.

Questions Remain Over Heldrich Loan

While New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney as a positive example of the possibilities of what can happen when public dollars are provided to private firms, it seems that the New Brunswick Development Corporation  DEVCO remains unable to currently pay what is due on its $20 million dollar loan from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to construct the 235-room Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference center. The $20 million dollar loan was part of a $107 million package that includes $70 million dollars from the Middlesex County Improvement Authority that was supposed to be repaid from profits from the Heldrich.

According to attorney Christopher Paladino was instrumental in securing the loan for the New Brunswick Development Corporation and desires $200 million in public and private financing for the Atlantic City Development Corporation to develop the Gateway project in Atlantic City’s Chelsea section. The funding he is seeking would include another $19.5 million in a new loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. If the loan is granted, the money would be used to build new student housing at Stockton University’s satellite campus.

Some leaders question rather this loan should be granted by the casino authority. A law signed by Governor Chris Christie in December 2015 says that no governmental entity may receive more public funds if they have defaulted on a previous loan. While the New Brunswick Development Corporation received the funds, it was actually borrowed by Middlesex County Improvement Authority.

The number of people wanting to stay at the Heldrich is far below the expected occupancy rate. The largest client to use this facility is Johnson and Johnson. The occupancy rate for the facility constructed in 2007 is 63.5 percent. The hotel facility is so strapped for cash that they used $776,000 of its dismal profits to do badly needed repairs on the facility including replacing the mattresses and carpeting.



George Soros Weighs In On Refugees In The EU

George Soros is never one to hold his tongue when he sees something wrong. He’s also not afraid of who he might offend in the process. He obviously wants people to consider what he views as solutions to problems. Which brings us to his thoughts on the overwhelming human tragedy unfolding in the European Union because of their refugee problem. This problem is the direct result and consequence of the brutal war and indiscriminate killing raging in Syria, Iraq and the surrounding territories on The party’s involved in this brutality are the Islamic Jihadist groups Isis, and al-Qaeda, the Syrian army, the Russian armed forces, and the United States, along with various other splinter groups. Because of the war’s death and destruction, tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee for their lives out of these military hot zones and have tried to try to make it to Europe and safety. Unfortunately, for these refugees, the EU was neither prepared nor in many cases willing to accept the massive numbers of men, women, children and extended family members into their countries and as a consequence the problem has not been solved it has only stagnated and continued to worsen. This information was also published in The New York Review of Books.

Mr. George Soros sincerely believes that these problems can be solved if the EU can just correct their approach to the problem. The EU’s approach has been seemingly exasperated by a new plan proposed by the European Commission to reform their asylum system by relying on compulsory refugee quotas. Although it may sound better, Soros is adamant that it will never work because it is no better than what they are doing now which is a plan imposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Under her plan, she has imposed quotas on member states requiring certain refugees to move to countries they didn’t want to live in while forcing others to be sent back. In addition, this plan made the state of Greece, which had insufficient facilities for the amount of exiles coming into it a holding pen. The European Commission has also acknowledged many of the negatives of Chancellor Merkel’s plan and George Soros thinks that they can be corrected but only if European Union leaders can agree on the amount of “surge” funding and of also allocating enough resources annually to adequately respond to the needs of the people affected.

George Soros is a well-known investor and philanthropist. He is also well respected for his financial and business insights. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 and while growing up survived its Nazi occupation until after the war when the communists took power. When that happened he then immigrated to England and attended the London School of Economics. After his graduation there he immigrated to the United States where he acquired a massive fortune through the international investment fund he founded and managed.

George Soros has also been an active philanthropist for decades. One of his activities has been to provide black students who qualify to attend Cape Town University in South Africa. He also started the Open Society Foundation that today operates in over 100 different countries with annual costs that exceed $840,000,000.00 dollars. The foundation’s sole purpose is to help promote the values of an open and transparent society, along with human rights.

Why Business Owners Love White Shark Media

The central concern that the small business owner has is growth. They do not want to be regarded as a statistic. There are many small businesses that plummet into bankruptcy and fail after less than a year. The best case scenario is that the small business owner will be able to sell their company to a competitor.

A reporter from Glass Door said this scarcely comes into fruition. Expansion, sales, and establishing a broad base of reliable customers can be a daunting task. Marketing is a daunting task.

That is why so many small business owners are willing to invest in experts such as White Shark Media – more at:

As a digital marketing agency, White Shark Media offers several services that are necessary to the future of the small business. Some entrepreneurs try to conduct these services on their own. Perhaps that is why there are so many failed small businesses.

Many business owners do not have the foresight to make a wise investment in a competent digital marketing agency. When they try to understand the complexities of the digital market, they quickly learn that it is something like trying to understand the complexities of bomb diffusion.

It may look as simple as pulling out the right wire, but it is not. Similarly, digital marketing is not a simple task. The services offered by White Shark Media need to be conducted by an organization with the expertise of White Shark Media.

AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords is an excellent outlet for generating traffic. However, it needs to be properly managed. It is not as simple as merely creating an account and hoping for the best. White Shark Media will manage your AdWords campaign so that you will get the most out of it.

Mobile Marketing

As always, the Internet is changing. People are always looking for an opportunity to upgrade to something better, faster, and sleeker. Many people use upscale mobile devices as their primary browser –

Any business that wants to market themselves needs to understand how to interact with the mobile marketplace. They need to know how to reach people on their mobile device. If your marketing is geared exclusively toward desktop users, you are going to be left behind by this generation. Fortunately, White Shark Media offers mobile marketing services.