Organo Gold: Coffee with a Global Touch

Organo Gold is becoming something of a phenomenon. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua announced in April, 2015, that the company now operates in 39 countries. The newest addition is Turkey. Not bad for a company less than 10 years old. Organo Gold markets a full line of coffee products through a multi-level distribution organization. The flagship coffee products are certified organic and incorporate a Chinese mushroom herb called Ganoderma. At least as far back as the fabled Ming dynasty, the Chinese have valued this herb for his health benefits.

This rapid expansion is no accident. Chua is following what he calls a “Global Footprint Initiative” designed to rapidly create a strong worldwide network of wholesale marketers. Turkey is seen as especially important to this goal for a couple f reasons. First, the country lies at the juncture of Asia, Europe and Africa. It thus ties his company together. Second, Turkey is traditionally a coffee-drinking nation and one that has a growing and developing a more active lifestyle. Turkey seems poised to become one of the markets that will set performance standards for the company’s future growth.

CrunchBase tells us Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. He originally hails from the Philippines. He spent several years working in multi-level marketing in that part of the world. Most notably, Chua helped expand Gamo Excel, a multi-level food and supplement company, into several Asian countries and eventually to the United States.

After coming to America, Chua eventually settled in Canada. Organo Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s product line reads like a coffee drinkers’ happy fantasy, with selections that include Gourmet Black, Espresso and Mocha. Organo Gold distributors also supply a selection of teas and coffee products.