Michael Zomber and the Spirit of the Samurai

Human history speaks volumes of our past interactions, beliefs, and practices. It’s only fair that aspects of our history be preserved for future generations to make use of them. This history lives on through art, artworks, and artifacts.

One man has heeded the call to action and come out to preserve these antiques and even made it a source of his livelihood. His name is Michael Zomber, an English Literature, and Psychology major from UCLA. Michael also possesses a master’s degree in English Literature, proof of his academic excellence and the quest for knowledge. He grew up in Washington State but settled in Philadelphia

Michael Zomber has developed a unique interest in antique firearms and martial arts swords such as the Samurai sword. Due to his dedication over the years, Michael has become an authority in this sector and one of the top antique collectors in the US and the world as a whole. His services are highly sought after by documentary and filmmakers and even researchers such as the History Channel.

In addition to collecting and preserving, Michael Zomber also auctions and sells some of this antiques and works of art. He is living proof that the art preservation industry is as rewarding as other professions. Some of his best collections also include armor and guns belonging to the great George Washington and Simone Bolivar.

When it comes to giving back to society, Mr. Zomber supports a lot of philanthropic ventures such as UNICEF and Amnesty International. Just like the Samurai, he promotes the message of peace across warring communities around the world. His charities also support children as seen in his partnership with the Doctors Without Borders program.

Michael Zomber’s personal website carries more information on his career and professional accomplishments.