Your Pets Dietary Needs Change as They Age!

Our dogs are living longer than ever before, due to improved veterinary care and increased emotional attention in the home. Long gone are the days when the family dog was primarily chosen and trained as protection for the home. We now consider and treat our beloved dogs as one of our treasured family members. Just as our children’s diet progresses from soft baby food to full plated meals, the same should apply to our dogs. Beneful‘s wide range of products on Wal-Mart takes into account the changing needs of dogs as they age, with specially formulated recipes to assist in maintaining your pet’s health and energy throughout it’s years.
Most veterinarians recommend dry kibble for puppies and look for brands that provide high energy value and good digestibility.  PurinaStore‘s Beneful Healthy Puppy supplies 100% of the nutritional needs and is high in calcium. Also the importance of added DHA means healthy support of brain and vision development. Resist the temptation to feed your puppy table scraps. It begins a habit that will be hard to break later and may cause gastrointestinal problems. As your puppy grows, start to establish a regular feeding schedule as opposed to simply leaving food out for the dog to eat whenever he wants. With your pets increased energy level this is a good time to switch to the Beneful Playful Life with real beef and egg. This high protein recipe also includes blueberries and spinach, two super foods that pack a punch of nutrition.

Don’t neglect your dog’s oral health. A variety of dental treats are available in tasteful flavors with the Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Healthy Smile Dental Twists. They not only improve your dog’s teeth and gum health, but also fight bad breath. Available in mini, small and large sizes, you can find the perfect flavorful treat while the mechanical action of chewing will reduce your dog’s plaque and tartar build-up. Annual professional teeth exams and cleaning are standard fare for our dogs as well as their owners. See, for more details..

The one thing you never have to worry about supplying too much of for your dog, is fresh drinking water. While puppies and lactating dogs will drink large quantities of water, all dogs whose main diet consists of dry kibble will need an ample supply of water to hydrate and aide in the food’s digestion.