Learning Apps that Targets Kindergarten Children

Many teachers have highly perceived the  ClassDojo’s Mindset tool by its exciting Persuasive research that has a significant influence on students’ view of themselves as self-centered in the learning environment towards enhancing of a growth mindset. According to Carol Dweck, Stanford psychology professor, the student does not like struggling to understand an idea, because that problem will cause them to have a different approach to learning, rather the learning should be digested into its simplest form that students mind can malleable.
This Growth Mindset learning process was introduced by Stanford University Students together with ClassDojo by unveiling students’ studies on Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS). Focusing on Motivation and Resilience, the University decided to joins hands with ClasssDojo because of the number of teachers subscribed to ClassDojo. PERTS consist of animated video clips with characters in the play that closely looks like Mojo in Cast of Pixar’s, but the two characters in ClassDojo takes the center stage in the show. Dave Paunesku, the Executive Producer of PERTS, said the App targets the teachers understanding on how the clips bring about the growth of Mindset to the learners.
To ensure teachers fully understand how to disseminate learning from PERTS to students, ClassDojo offers an online tool that is embedded with lesson plans and practices that provide teachers with a guide on how to familiarize the mindset growth process to learners and kids. ClassDojo targets level 8th grade children especially kindergarten kids. PERTS application includes five series video animation of close-related growth mindset characters that many students are familiar with them.
Liam Don is the Founder of ClassDojo in the year 2011 that started out as Behavioral Management tool that monitored the activities of students and rewarded those came up with new skills. It developed into higher level education tools that offer effective communication that enables parents to get updates of classroom moments and student performance through sharing of photos and videos. Parents can also assist teachers from home in encouraging their child to participate in activities that they fear to attempt.
These features enable ClassDojo to be used by half of schools in the United States and by around 85,000 teachers in the U.S and over 180 teachers around the world. PERTS students are going to carry out a market survey to schools to ensure teachers understand the mindset tool before commissioning them to students. The study will enable ClassDojo in determining how students perceive PERTS and where necessary modification can ClassDojo rectify.


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