NY Attorney Ross Abelow Champions Against Pet Abandonment With GoFundMe Campaign

Ross Abelow, practicing New York City Entertainment and Divorce law attorney seems to have more than a love for the law. Abelow is a devoted animal rights advocate, and for the most part, he’s modest about his devotion to animal welfare issues, but he’s inspired many to the cause. “Ross Abelow is a driving force behind spearheading animal right campaigns, like the current GoFundMe campaign,” said one associate. Besides raising funds, Abelow has helped to rescue dogs abandoned pets.

Abelow, a passionate dog advocate speaks regularly on the necessary role animals’ play. Many people ignore the necessity of a human-animal bond, and how pet companionship helps mentally and physically. On numerous occasions, Abelow has been commended on his virtuous actions, and he leads by example. “I’m thrilled with the responses to my GoFundMe Campaign,” and “This is a great example of how a small $5,000 online campaign can make a real difference,” said Abelow.

A remarkable trial lawyer and veteran of the legal profession, Abelow is always focused on his clients, and dedicated to obtaining the best results. Over the past two decades, he has developed and sharpened his expertise in helping individuals and businesses, and devoted countless hours to really making a difference in people’s lives.

After graduating from NYU, Abelow earned his law degree from Brooklyn College of Law. Abelow became a practicing attorney in 1990, and began representing clients on many high profile and complex litigation cases. He has argued cases before New York and Connecticut State and Federal courts, and his practice includes divorce and custody, prenuptial planning, and entertainment law. Skilled in resolving complex Marital and Family Matters, over the years he’s handled hundreds of these cases.

Abelow’s expertise encompasses all aspects of legal matters pertaining to a wide range of legal matters. Other than marital and family matters. He is skilled and well-versed in all aspects of entertainment, and media law. His achievements have been acknowledged and have earned him a stellar reputation. Abelow has built a history of victories from his deep-rooted belief of doing his absolute best, and he is recognized as one of the top New York litigators.

Abelow’s deep appreciation and love of New York prompted him to champion the cause for abandoned animals, as well as under-served individuals. This certainly has sparked renewed excitement and praise for animal advocates.

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