Devco and the Heldrich Hotel Loan Repayment

There is much concern across the struggling communities of New Jersey regarding the repayment of development loans with one of those being a $20 million Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) loan provided to New Brunswick Development Corporation, or Devco. With a vision of urban redevelopment in New Brunswick, NJ, Devco has a history of bringing together both public and private funding to redevelop urban areas into profitable projects for the benefit of the communities. Devco was founded in the mid-1970’s and since then has overseen nearly $1.6 billion of investment in the New Brunswick area. This model has been replicated in Atlantic City and other areas hard-hit by the recent economic recession. This particular loan is for a project renovating the 235-room Heldrich hotel and conference center, which opened in 2007 as the recession hit, and has struggled to attract guests with only a 63.5 percent occupancy rate in 2015. Business has been so poor for the hotel that Devco was forced to provide an additional $776,000 to pay for necessary mattress and carpet replacement. Funding for the Heldrich project also included $70 million from municipal bonds alongside the CRDA amount. While $30 million has been repaid to the senior bond holders, this $20 million CRDA loan has been delinquent for years. Municipal lenders do not seem concerned, as local employment, a rise in real estate taxes, and local tourism due to the hotel have benefited New Brunswick.

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