Shaygan Kheradpir; New Coriant CEO


Shaygan is the executive member of the management board of directors of the Coriant incorporation. He is also the serving chairperson of the board as well as the Chief executive officer of the company. Coriant is also the innovative supplier of the networking solutions and has its reputation succeeding him in this technology as we as service providence. This company is the leading provider in the network in more than one hundred nations in the entire world with nine out of ten tier global in service providence in communications service.

Shaygan is a world class manager and leader. He has a proven record of performance portfolio and whenever he is given a chance to head a company he never hesitates to make the business work for the best growth. Shaygan is one of the best CEOs that a company will ever admire to have if success is what they want to achieve at the end of the day. Shaygan is a recognized leader in business as well as technology. He has an experience that is more than twenty-eight years by now. His experience extends technology, telecommunication as well as the financial services and the related industries that Shaygan has ever encountered.

Shaygan began his career at the incorporation by the name GTE. This is where he first started his journey of success in leadership. He was, later on, awarded a chance to head as an EVP for the Verizon company. Shaygan has also added another responsibility as a chief information officer as well as being part of the executive leadership committee of board members. He then became the leader of the team that was Ant asked with providing systems that were modernized, systems that were efficient as well as innovative ones. He also helped in pioneering the products that were initiatives. He led the group into the FiOS that is the largest investment entity that the United States of America have ever seen regarding infrastructure that has more than twenty billion in investment capital.

Shaygan was then asked to join Barclays Bank. Here he accrued greater success through his vast experience and innovative mind as a leader to transform the bank into a massive innovation that saw the bank as a twenty-first-century technology. This made the bank have a mobile banking environment that gave him more success in his portfolio as a leader. He then went to work with Jupiter networks before joining Marlin Equity providers where he left to join Coriant as a CEO.



Securus to Release Reports on GTL Wrong-Doing

Securus is one of the county’s leading suppliers of technology for prisons and jails. Located out of Dallas, Texas and founded in 1986, they now have offices all across the United States in order to provide the best service possible to the entire country.

Securus has been tasked by The Louisiana Public Service Commission to release reports on GTL over the next half a year. The goal of thee reports is to put the actions of the GTL in the public eye and shame them into behaving with higher integrity.

GTL or Global Tel Link has been accused of rigging their telecommunications machines in prisons to add either 15 minutes or 36 seconds to inmates call duration, attempting to charge prisoners and prisoner’s families a higher rate for each call then they should be required to pay.

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The first of the six reports required by Securus goes on to say that these actions by GTL resulted in taxpayers being overcharged an amount well over one-million dollars.

Richard Smith, CEO of Securus commented on the first report. He mentions how offended he was for a company in his industry to stoop below the level of integrity that is expected by everyone in the prison security business. Smith will lead Securus for the next six months as they investigate and release information to the public about the wrong-doings done by GTL.

Securus’s out-going attitude and drive to do what is right, like in the case of providing justice to the taxpayers of Louisiana is one of the many reasons why a few months ago they received praise and recognition from the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

Madison Street Capital’s Executive Receives Honorary Mention

A founder member of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala was recently honored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Mr. Marsala was recognized for being among the top 40 under 40 corporate executives in 2015. He serves as Madison Capital’s Chief Operating Officer. NACVA sought to identify corporate executives who are below 40 years old, and have made notable strides in their respective fields. The final list was drawn by judges from NACVA and the Consultants Training Institute (CTI).

The two organizations are based on the pillars of excellence, unmatchable quality and groundbreaking leadership. They recognize outstanding corporate executives regardless of their professional affiliations. The program was designed to provide a platform to the next crop of corporate executives by recognizing the contributions that they make to their respective professions. The program also recognizes the communities that they come from, and any contributions that they are likely to make in future.

Brien K. Jones, who is CIT’s and NACVA’s Executive President and Chief Operating Officer retaliates that the program intends to identify visionary leaders in the fields of accounting and financial consultancy. Those who are honored are chosen from a pool of over 125 candidates. This list is whittled down by CIT’s and NACVA’s executive staff. Those who make it to the final list are often featured in high ranking business publications including QuickReadBuzz Blog, The Value Examiner, and NACVA’s Association News.

Why Marsala Was Honored

Mr. Marsala’s inclusion in the list is not unexpected since he has dedicated himself steadfastly to the growth of Madison Street Capital. By virtue of him being one of the cofounders of the company, he has been instrumental in helping it attain a global outlook. He manages the firm’s interests in Asia, Europe and Africa. Besides this, he has ably led Madison Capital’s analytical division. The division conducts business valuation on behalf of the firm’s M&A and Corporate Finance clients. Mr. Marsala graduated from Chicago’s Loyola University with an undergraduate degree in finance and information systems. He undertook his postgraduate studies at Oxford where he graduated with a masters in strategy.

Important Notes about Madison Street Capital

This is a prominent Chicago based investment banking firm. Since its formation, it has steadfastly been committed to providing unmatchable services to clients in North America. In recent years, it has successfully made forays into the largely unexploited African, Asian and European markets. This has positioned it as the go-to investment bank.

Madison Street Capital offers financial advisory, M&A, financial opinions and business valuation services to individuals and businesses. These services are offered by highly skilled financial experts. This positions the clients for success within the global marketplace. The services are also custom made since each client has specific needs. The firm has built a solid customer portfolio, which has largely been based on trust and professionalism.

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Actress Crystal Hunt – Gracing Daytime and Big Screens Since Childhood

Crystal Hunt is no stranger to acting and performing. This 31-year-old beautiful and talented native of Clearwater, FL began appearing on screens at the tender age of six months. By the age of two she was already showcasing her acting talent in pageants. Throughout her childhood Crystal took acting and singing lessons and appeared in numerous commercials, including an anti-drug advertisement together with *NSYNC.

Crystal is best known for portraying Lizzie Spaulding, a complex character in the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light”. Crystal portrayed Lizzie from February 2003 until January 2006, and her impressive performance earned her a 2005 Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, as well as a 2005 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination.

While still on “Guiding Light”, Crystal took part in “The Derby Stallion”, a movie featuring Zach Efron, and also portrayed a sorority member in “Sydney White”, with Amanda Bynes.

From February 2009 until March 2010, Crystal returned to daytime television to portray Stacy Morasco, an ill-fated character on the ABC soap opera “One Life to Live”.

During the last couple of years, Crystal has continued to develop her big-screen acting career with roles in additional movies, notably in “Magic Mike XXL”. She has also been involved in various other interesting ventures, including producing the feature film “Talbot County” with her friend, actress Dania Ramirez, owning a high-end pet supply store in her hometown in Florida, and taking part in the 2015 reality television series called “Queens of Drama”, which follows known former soap stars as they form a production company in order to try to produce their own television show.

It will be interesting to continue following the career of this longtime star of the small and big screen as she continues going from strength to strength.  Follow Crystal on Facebook, or look up her official website to keep informed about what this actress does next.

How Does Martin Lustgarten Help People Invest Worldwide?

Martin Lustgarten is one of the best international investors in the world, and he wants to make sure that people are going to make the most money possible. He knows there are a lot of ways for people to make money investing, and he is always wondering what the best course of action is for every client. The clients that come to him for help today are going to make a lot of money, and he wants to be sure that all these clients feel like they have gotten the best services.

Lustgarten will start showing people how they are going to get the most out of their money, and he has the international experience to help people who are not sure what to do. He will help people put together a profile that works for them, and he will make it as profitable as he can. He wants to make sure that all the people who are working with him has the most options possible, and that means that these people might be investing in markets around the world. There are many things that people could do to make money, and Martin Lustgarten has a way to make it work.

He has been helping people invest for years, and he has international parents who showed him how amazing the world is. He has done a lot of travel, and he wants to make sure that he shows people toe beauty of markets around the world that are going to help them make money. Someone could invest in gold in France, or they could invest in a company in South America. There is always an option that works when Martin Lustgarten is on the job.

The people who come to Martin Lustgarten for help are going to learn what can be done with their money that is most effective. They will also learn that there are a lot options that they have never heard of. Everyone has the right to make a lot of money for retirement or for cash flow, and that is what Martin Lustgarten provides with his investment business. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to learn more about him and his business.

FreedomPop Reveals Premium Phone Plan

FreedomPop has been rising in the world of mobile carriers for the better part of the last five years. FreedomPop originally rose up out of Los Angeles, California where it was established as the next big thing in the tech world. What makes FreedomPop so appealing is that it offers customers with a completely free cell p hone option. Now FreedomPop is pushing into the world of low cost, high quality cell phone plans with their release of the ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan.

The FreedomPop Unlimited Everything plan offers customers the chance to get a premium phone plan at rock bottom prices. For just $20 per month customers will be given unlimited talk, text, and mobile data. The first gigabyte of unlimited data would be utilized by 4G. After that first gigabyte is used up your speed will be graded down to 3G. Despite the speed throttling factor you are still allowed unlimited tethering for your phone, so you’ll be able to create wireless hotspots whenever you are in need of one.

The core FreedomPop plan will not be changed by this new expanded plan. The core plan that FreedomPop offers will give you limited talk, text, and mobile data (200 minutes, 500 texts, 500 megabytes of data). If you feel that this amount of usage does not meet your needs then you will be able to upgrade your plan at any time that you want to.

Along with the core phone plan, FreedomPop is also getting into offering more models of phones as part of their company. After partnering up with Spring’s 4G Network FreedomPop now has a new range of phones available. These phones include the Samsung Galaxy S3, S3, S4, Victory, HTC Evo 4G, and the iPhone 5. This wide array of phone should be more than enough to please even the most ardent user of premium services.

The goal of FreedomPop, as headlined by FCO Steven Sesar, has always been to offer an expansive network and buffet of digital add on options for customers to take part in. The world of mobile technology is changing and people no longer want to be caught up in the same old restrictions that major cell phone carriers are throwing at them. FreedomPop continues to lead the charge toward innovative mobile technology and we figure that this will keep them prevalent for years and years to come as their popularity soars.

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Kate Hudson And Fabletics Reach New Heights

In a recent Marie Claire Magazine interview Kate Hudson sat down to discuss the new direction that Fabletics is taking regarding athleisure wear for women. It was announced that on April 1 Fabletics was going to start offering evening wear, designed for comfort with the same great, high performance fabrics used for the rest of the Fabletics line. The styles are designed with comfortability and a hint of sexiness in mind. Some of the dresses also have built-in bras for maximum comfort and the styles are designed to be worn out on the town or to work.

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Kate also discussed the release of a new line of swimwear that is set to be released by the end of April. Kate and her partners designed the swimsuits to be high performance swim wear that will endure a high level of physical activity but keep the wearer covered with no slippage. The styles Of Fabletics are innovative and comfortable with affordability in mind. As to the direction of the company, Kate maintains that Fabletics is wanting to style athleisure for all areas of an active woman’s life, not just exercising. But don’t worry Fabletics is not planning on taking their style to high fashion. This video series on YouTube works at keeping their clothing, affordable for every woman to own.

According to the Fabletics official website, Fabletics was started in 2013 by Kate and her two partners as an internet clothing mail order service. Customers can sign up for the monthly service and pick an outfit that gets shipped to their doorstep. Customers can also “opt out” of a month if they don’t feel like ordering as long as they choose the “opt out” option by the fifth of every month. When a customer signs up for Fabletics, they fill out a quiz that helps that staff at Fabletics choose the outfits in the customer’s style. And if a customer wanted to stop the program, they call and cancel the service. It’s as simple as that. Source:

Fabletics recently expanded by opening six retail stores across the United States. Customers also have the option of shopping by the piece in the stores and online. Fabletics has grown at an enormous rate proving that woman want style and quality paired with comfort at an affordable price. Fabletics is worth a second (and third) look.