Shaygan Kheradpir; New Coriant CEO


Shaygan is the executive member of the management board of directors of the Coriant incorporation. He is also the serving chairperson of the board as well as the Chief executive officer of the company. Coriant is also the innovative supplier of the networking solutions and has its reputation succeeding him in this technology as we as service providence. This company is the leading provider in the network in more than one hundred nations in the entire world with nine out of ten tier global in service providence in communications service.

Shaygan is a world class manager and leader. He has a proven record of performance portfolio and whenever he is given a chance to head a company he never hesitates to make the business work for the best growth. Shaygan is one of the best CEOs that a company will ever admire to have if success is what they want to achieve at the end of the day. Shaygan is a recognized leader in business as well as technology. He has an experience that is more than twenty-eight years by now. His experience extends technology, telecommunication as well as the financial services and the related industries that Shaygan has ever encountered.

Shaygan began his career at the incorporation by the name GTE. This is where he first started his journey of success in leadership. He was, later on, awarded a chance to head as an EVP for the Verizon company. Shaygan has also added another responsibility as a chief information officer as well as being part of the executive leadership committee of board members. He then became the leader of the team that was Ant asked with providing systems that were modernized, systems that were efficient as well as innovative ones. He also helped in pioneering the products that were initiatives. He led the group into the FiOS that is the largest investment entity that the United States of America have ever seen regarding infrastructure that has more than twenty billion in investment capital.

Shaygan was then asked to join Barclays Bank. Here he accrued greater success through his vast experience and innovative mind as a leader to transform the bank into a massive innovation that saw the bank as a twenty-first-century technology. This made the bank have a mobile banking environment that gave him more success in his portfolio as a leader. He then went to work with Jupiter networks before joining Marlin Equity providers where he left to join Coriant as a CEO.



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