Dick DeVos – Gifted CEO, Entrepreneur, Politician

Richard (Dick) Marvin DeVos, Jr., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born on October 21, 1955. His father, Richard M. DeVos, Sr., (03/04/1926) is the co-founder and former
CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distributor.

Dick DeVos, Jr. earned his Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree at Northwood University. He attended Harvard Business School too but did not graduate. He also attended Executive Study programs at Wharton School. Mr. DeVos began working with Amway in 1974. He worked in several divisions of the company, in various positions –
R & D, marketing, sales, manufacturing and other departments.

Dick became the Amway vice-president in 1984, which gave him the obligation to oversee the operation’s spread over 18 nations. He also proved his ability to lead Amway by leading them into many new, lucrative markets. Their International sales rose to top the company’s domestic revenue the first time since Amway’s beginning. It is noted that when Dick became Amway’s International Operations VP, in 1986, sales beyond the US totaled approximately 5% of overall market sales. When he left the VP position, after six years, that 5% had developed sales outside of the US into 50% of market sales.

Dick DeVos next found himself at the hoops a lot, with Orlando Magic Basketball team. His family had bought the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise in 1991, and Dick DeVos was named the team’s CEO and President.

Mr. Devos left Orlando Magic the first of 1993 to return to Amway and succeed his father, Rich Devos, then current President, CEO, and co-founder of Amway. Under Dick DeVos’ leadership, the firm’s performance flourished and Amway operations extended into over 50 territories and countries, spanning six of the world’s seven continents.
Dick DeVos and his brother, Doug DeVos, are credited with helping their company go global and reaching the industry-setting results they achieved.

In the year 2000, Dick DeVos decided Amway should be reorganized and a new parent company, Alticor, was created. In 2002, Mr. DeVos, Jr. retired from Alticor and joined the Windquest Group, a private investment management firm.

Mr. Richard M. DeVos is also into politics. He vied for the position of Governor of Michigan in 2012 but was defeated by the then current democratic Governor. Mr. DeVos works to help with Educational needs and is also a great believer in the Right To Work Law – not just in Michigan, but country wide.

Nourish Your Hair With Wen by Chaz

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Sanjay Shah

Autism is one of the worst diseases that any parent has to watch his or her children go through. There is little treatment to help, and many people figure out the hard way that the world is not easy on people with this illness. There is a lot of information lacking in this area. Anyone who is looking to learn more about the disease needs to make sure they truly understand all of the implications. Sanjay Shah Denmark is someone who is passionate about helping other people. He recently held a fundraiser to raise awareness for this disease. This is something that shows his great character and that he still cares about other people. A lot of successful business people are only concerned about making money. He is someone who actually uses his influence to help other people.


Sanjay Shah


Over the past few years, Sanjay has had a lot of success in starting a wide variety of companies across various industries. He is a great example of the impact that one person can make in an industry. Starting a company from the ground up is never easy. However, he has been able to accomplish his goals by sticking to his plan against all odds. Even when things look bleak, he is able to take advantage of trends in the market. This is a big advantage that he has over other people in his industry.


There are a lot of people who look up to his success in business. Sanjay Shah now owns several companies, and each one is profitable and influential in their respective industries. If you are a business owner who wants to take your business to the next level, he is a great example of what you can accomplish. Despite not starting with a lot of advantages, he has been a huge boost to the local economy in his area.


Future Plans


With the recent festival that he had for autism awareness, Sanjay saw how much good he can do in this area. Anyone who wants to take the next step in their influence should start to help other people. Often times, this is one of the best ways that you can make a positive impact on the world. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of business owners who take that next step that involves touching people around the world with their money and influence.

How Does White Shark Media Avoid Complaints?

White Shark Media has come up with a way that they will not have complaints at all because they have thought up ways that will work for their client communication. Communication makes all the difference in the world for a client, and the communication that White Shark Media sets up makes it much easier for people to get what they need.

The Youtube below explains what WSM has accomplished:

The people that are communicating with the White Shark Media office are going to get the information they need, and they will be able to call in any time that they need some help. The people that want to be able to use the services from White Shark Media will have their own experience with the company.

The part of this that makes the most sense for the customer is that they are going to have a chance to talk when they want with someone who is working on their projects.

Projects that come out of the White Shark Media Complaints team office get explained every time they come out, and the explanation is used to make sure that all the clients know what is going on. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

The client that has all the right information is going to feel like they have finally gotten the hang of how these projects work, and then they will be able to plan for the use of the work when it has been completed. It is much easier for White Shark Media customers to get what they need, and the customers are free to contact the company at any time.

Contacting White Shark Media is easy because they welcome it, and the company is a place where people actually get to learn about the work they have ordered. Everyone who comes to White Shark Media can ask for their own communications plan. They can use that plan as long as they want, and they will have freedom to order as much work as they need.

Projects Underway in New York City

New York City is considered as one of the most comfortable places to live in the States. This is as a result of the beautiful architectural buildings and numerous job opportunities. However, architects seem not to get enough of the existing buildings. Due to this, many projects have been put in place to get as many upcoming real estate projects as possible.

On top of the list of the many upcoming projects is the million square foot project, Tishman Speyer. Tishman Speyer is expected to harbor two towers within its structure. This is closely followed by Thor Equities. In particular, the name Thor was used to signify might. The estate is found near the Red Hook’s waterfront and is expected to cover 645,103 square foot. Some of the other estates are as follows:-

1. Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
The aim of developing this estate is to bring new urban residential houses which will harbor both economical buildings such as supermarkets and residential places. It is estimated that 74,000 new houses will be constructed. In addition, there are plans to develop three tail buildings within the estate.

2. Chapel Street, Brooklyn
This estate is estimated to hold tall rental buildings 180 units on every flow except the first and second. In addition, it is estimated to also hold over 1800 places where retail shops can be set up. Considerably, the CetraRuddy is considered one of the spectacular buildings to be constructed in that estate.

3. West 18th Street Manhattan
In the same manner the East 48th Midtown street estate has been constructed is the upcoming West 18th Street Manhattan estate. However, there are plans to build a building which has 160 units with unique parking lots. The building is set to rise up to 122,955 feet.

Town Residential Dynamics
Many factors are involved before setting up any tow residential estate. Due to the fact that there are many job opportunities in the urban areas, it has caused many town residential estates to be set up. However, they are located within the city meaning it is easier for burglars to break in. Therefore, it is always important to ensure security is primary.

This is why Town Residential LLC comes into play. Town residential LLC is a reputable licensed NYC real estate broker that partners with various brokers to ensure you get the best town residential estate that has ample security, is affordable and has ample parking space. Next time you are thinking of moving out, think Town Residential LLC.

Deputy Assemblyman José Manuel González Is Trying To Get Help For Venezuela

Venezuela is in serious trouble. The country with the richest oil reserves in the world has no money. Citibank just closed the Central Bank of Venezuela’s account, so Nicolas Maduro and his socialist dictatorship are all alone, and it appears Maduro wants to keep it that way, according to the current Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, José Manuel González. José Manuel González has been trying to get the attention of other assemblymen in other states that support Maduro, and he has exhausted his political clout in the process. Maduro has put up roadblocks for José Manuel González, and other assemblymen that do want to get Maduro out of office as soon as possible. There is a petition circulating in the country that is calling for a recall, but the government is dragging their feet, and missing deadlines. The government is saying that the opposition coalition, of which José Manuel González is part of, should be disqualified as a political party.

José Manuel González is not only a state assemblyman, but he is also an agriculture businessman. He is well-liked in his state, and his followers are standing behind him as he tries to help remove Maduro from office. Maduro has done little to help the country since he took office after the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013. According to José Manuel González, Maduro was not equipped to lead the country in good times, and in the current bad times, his policies are making things worse. González said his state, Guárico, was once a prosperous farming area, but Maduro put an end to that when he confiscated farms. Those farms are not producing food anymore. González told the National Assembly that the drop in oil prices didn’t create the situation in Venezuela, Maduro’s policies and lack of leadership did.

González is trying to get help from Colombia and Brazil, but so far Maduro has refused to listen. Instead of asking for help, he ordered the military to control the ports and to distribute food. Venezuela has become a socialist dictatorship and military state. But González believes help will come. He is not stopping his quest to remove Maduro from office, and millions of people are behind him in that endeavor.

Adam Goldenberg: The CEO With the Plan

Whenever you run a company of any kind, you have to have a plan. You need to know what you are doing, what is important, and how to go about achieving that plan on rgtadvisors.com. A lot of people have creative minds, brains, and ideas, but they don’t know how to harness them and how to put them into action. They can be a little bit aimless, although I don’t fault them for that. Starting a business is not easy and it requires a lot of time, dedication, and commitment. It isn’t something that you can do in your sleep. Adam Goldenberg always has a plan. He never does anything without a clear plan and a clear vision.

When Adam Goldenberg first started his company in his teenage years, he had to think and act like adult. He was aware of the popularity of video games, gamers, and that world, which is how Gamers Alliance came to life. He saw an untapped market that could really grow. He dropped out of high school for a reason. Goldenberg didn’t do it because he was tired of school or wasn’t interested in learning in the classroom. It was just that when you have a plan, you have to go out of your way to make it happen. Time is of the essence and there is no time like the present to get that company off the ground.

Adam Goldenberg even made the bold move to get up and go to a different country to start working at Intermix as Vice President of Strategic Planning. They knew he was right for the job, even though he was only twenty years old. It has been the same way with JustFab, which he is the Co-CEO of with his good friend, Don Ressler. They have known each other since their days together at Intermix at http://www.builtinla.com/2014/01/18/3-la-ceos-you-need-know-now-adam-goldenberg-justfab.

With JustFab, they teamed up to create a wonderful product for women, a product that puts them in control of what they want for the low price of $39.95 a month. Why should you have to pay for products that you have no interest in? You should only pay for what you care about and what is important to you and what matters to you. If you are wasting money on items that are not what you asked for and not interested in, you are getting ripped off. With JustFab, you get what you want and how you want it.

Ways to Protect Online Reputation of Brands and Professionals

Online reputation protection is a service every brand and professional should have implemented and monitored at all times. Reviews and comments pertaining to services and products determine the credibility of companies and individuals. Negativity about any brand or professional usually deter customers from visiting e-commerce retails after using search engines. In the 21st century, corporations of all sizes are using services or employ reputation management specialists to monitor their customer complaints on social media outlets and websites. According to European CEO, Towergate Insurance reported “reputation is worth approximately four percent to five percent of a company’s annual sales.”

Bad and unsatisfactory reviews will reduce revenue and sales for individuals and businesses. The report also showed nearly 65 percent of executives reported the reputation of brands is associated with sociability with customers. Courtesy and promptly responding to customers’ complaints are the keys to maintaining and protecting reputations.

To help protect the reputation of brands and image of professionals, follow the four steps described below:

  • Create a blog and setup social media accounts, such as Facebook for products and LinkedIn for professional services. Social medias are communication tools for brands to interact with their customers. Blogs and social medias must be updated on a daily basis.
  • Outsource or hire a reputation management team to monitor online reputation and to resolve issues with customers and clients. Complaints should always be addressed immediately. Negative reviews can easily turn into positive ones and attract customers.
  • Develop public relation strategies to ensure efficiency of handling complaints and organization. It helps with marketing and avoids negative and damaging reviews.
  • Create professional profiles for key executives, including president, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and managers. Reputation of executives must be monitored online and has a positive impact on brands.

Reputation has an influence on brands, corporations, companies, individuals, and professionals. The internet is the main resource consumers use to find products and search for reviews. Start protecting your brand and image by following the four steps above. Reputation management experts and public relation professionals correct comments and have the expertise to monitor & maintain reputation.