One Small Step For Mann, One Giant Fundraiser For Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann recently made headlines by raising roughly $22,000 for a new high school that had been opened by Uncommon Schools.Keith Mann was able to accomplish this impressive feat by working with Dynamic Search Partners to hold a fundraising event that attracted a wide variety of charitable donors.

As the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann explained that he appreciated all of the work that Uncommon Schools was undertaking to ensure that low-income children had the best possible opportunity to excel. It is Mann’s personal view that everyone deserves the opportunity to attend college, regardless of their income level.

Thanks to Mann’s efforts, Uncommon Schools is planning to expand into Brooklyn with enough funding to cover student testing for its first year. Prior to the event, Mann and his company had already pledged an additional $10,000 to help the organization.

In addition to donating money, Mann and his company have also worked extensively with Uncommon Schools to develop a platform for connecting with kids and helping them build on skills that will guide them throughout their life. While Dynamic Search Partners focuses on teaching kids practical skills, Mann has also come out in support of the unique work that Uncommon Schools does in helping kids to develop innovative ideas and bring unique insights into their fields.

As proof of this success, Mann has remarked at how amazing it is to personally witness the enthusiasm and ambition that these kids are bringing to their areas of study. To this day, it continues to impress him with how excited they are at the prospect of graduating high school and moving on to college.

For Mann’s part, he has built a career on having an excellent eye for talent. Originally an expert in hedge fund compensation, Mann has since expanded his own craft in order to become an expert of hiring strategy and staffing as well. Clearly, his ability to pick out exceptional people has translated into his skill with children as well.

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