Magnises Is Paving The Way For Millennials That Need Down Time

Millennials have been called a group of misfits that have confusing and contradictory consumer habits on Vimeo. They have also been called the boomerang generation because they return home after graduating, and they live under their parent’s financial umbrella. The big corporations that depend on them to spend money are shaking their heads because those companies can’t find the right marketing tools to stimulate them. The truth is, people born between 1980 and 2000 are different. The most common age in the United States is 22, and a large number of those people are educated on Instagram, but because of the 2008 recession, many of them are unemployed. But in spite of all the criticism and nasty name tags, there is a segment of those young people that are hard working, energetic and have important jobs.

That is the group of Millennials that Billy McFarland, the 24-year-old founder of Spling, the successful digital acquisition and optimization site, has in his crosshairs. Spling caters to online clients like Discovery and Universal. MacFarland wanted to merge the online social media world with everyday living, so he founded Magnises in 2013. McFarland managed to raise more than $4 million in capital and he launched the members-only club in March 2014. Billy is a New Yorker, so he found space in workplace Ally in New York City, and he began promoting memberships to Millennials that worked in the finance, fashion and tech industries in New York.

He got a quick response because McFarland offered them goods and services that were hard to come by unless they had connections. McFarland offered then American Express type black card for a $250 a year fee, and that card opened doors in New York that were hard to open without it. Magnises members can get a table at some of the top restaurants in the city, and they can finally get into the private clubs that are selective by choice. Magnises members are able to have fun using an exclusive black card that is linked to their debit or credit card.

Magnises also offers members a $65 a month ClubPass and a HotelPass. The HotelPass is good at any Dream Hotel. Members can book a room in New York for $79 a night. McFarland also opened a Magnises satellite in Washington, D.C., and he got the same response from Millennials that had money to spend but wanted to spend it their own way. The old marketing tricks don’t work on successful Millennials. That’s why big brands like Johnny Walker and Tesla have started to host Magnises events.

There are more than 12,000 members of Magnises, and McFarland plans to offer Magnises to Millennials in Chicago, London, Atlanta, Los Angles and Boston soon. The club makes money from the deals McFarland made with the big brands, not the membership fee, and Magnises turned a profit the first full year in business. More brands are knocking on McFarland’s door. McFarland figured out how to stimulate Millennials. He gives them what they want on their terms.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a unique individual who has known what he has wanted to do even at a young age. Eric Pulier is an individual who has dedicated his career to developing technology as well as pushing for innovation that will help the future not only improve the standards of living, but will also make information more well known on some of the world’s most relevant topics. Eric Pulier is an author, a businessman, a philanthropist, as well as a father who not only wants to create a bright future for his kids, but also wants to create a bright future for individuals around the world that are in need. Eric Pulier has had the luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do even from a young age in life. Eric Pulier has over 20 years of experience within the technology industry and will continue to grow the industry with his new ideas and vision for innovation.

Eric Pulier has made a fortune by informing individuals about some of the most pressing issues around the world. Eric Pulier is the proud founder, co-founder, as well as consultant to over 15 different startup companies around the world that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Eric Pulier is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and believes that the true definition of being successful does not come from wealth, but instead comes from integrity and the perseverance even from when an individual experiences failure in the process.

With over two decades of experience in the technological industry, Eric Pulier is truly dedicated to the people and has been heavily sought after by both the private sector as well as by the public sector. Eric Pulier was even chosen at the turn of the millennium to develop and create an exhibition that showcased the new expected technological advancement for the 21st century. This exhibition took place in Washington D.C. and welcomed many politicians to the exhibition including President Bill Clinton. Eric Pulier is excited to continue his innovation and stopping the epidemic of asymmetric information in the world.

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Keith Mann and His Immense Contribution to the New York Police Department

The NYPD has received massive support from Keith Mann, Founder of Dynamic Search Partner, and his wife. Such support comes in the wake of violence and protests plaguing the police force. Law enforcement plays a crucial role in the maintenance of peace and security. As such, Keith Mann has taken the initiative of providing lunch to officers stationed at the 54th Street Precinct. Such a kind gesture is aimed at boosting morale at a time when a cloud of negativity hangs over the police force.


Keith’s uncle is a detective at Staten Island. As such, their excellent relationship has enhanced his connection with the entire department. Mann fully supports the efforts of hardworking officers and any hostile comment is not taken lightly by the entrepreneur. In addition, he asserts that officers are normal human beings and deserve respect and support in the course of their duty.


Officers are highly trained to approach each situation differently. However, it is understandable to make lapses in judgment just like any other individual. Rather than condemn them, it is advisable to provide sound advice on how to solve such challenges in future. Mann encourages citizens to aid officers in their darkest hours.


Keith is of the opinion that simple actions can make a huge difference in the conduct of police officers. He encourages citizens to voice their concerns and opinions rather than turning a blind eye to such professionals. Sympathizers of law enforcement have held numerous rallies in support of the New York Police Department.


Mann is a renowned philanthropist in New York. His charitable contributions are widely documented by several media companies. For assistance, he has provided financial aid to Uncommon Schools of New York and a scholarship program at Brooklyn Schools.


Up close with Keith Mann


Mann serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Search Partners. His fifteen-year’ experience has been instrumental in the growth of the company into a global service provider. Initially formed as Dynamics Executive Search in 2002, the businessman has sought the services of like-minded individuals that can aid in the achievement of goals and objectives.


The company was renamed to Dynamics Search Partners as a premium private equity firm. Mann’s daily activities revolve around the hiring of investment experts, management of the company’s day-to-day operations as well as building new platforms.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives

Hair plays a vital role in daily life. When you go out to the clubs, people notice your hair. Getting that critical first date or acing your next interview all depends on having the best possible hair. Women are painfully aware of the importance of good hair, and many of them would do anything to achieve their best look. Many women have spent thousands on expensive stylists and special conditioners only to have their hair fall short of expectations.

Chaz Dean is possibly the most famous stylist in the United States. He has made a major career for himself by treating celebrities throughout Hollywood. Chaz is famous for getting results, and he wanted women throughout the world to feel confident and beautiful. Recently, Chaz unveiled Wen, a new conditioner that is going to change the way people feel about their hair.

Wen by Chaz has received amazing reviews from stylists throughout the world, but many women remain skeptical. These women have been fooled by secret formulas before and they simply want to save their money. Bustle is a popular news outlet that is consumed by millions of millennials each day. Recently, Bustle decided to review Wen by Chaz.

Bustle had Emily McClure, a top reporter review the unique new hair product. Emily is a beautiful and successful woman, but she has always felt self-conscious about her hair. She wants her hair to be thick and beautiful, but she wasn’t sure how to accomplish that task. Emily was skeptical of Wen by Chaz, but she was willing to give it a try. She used the product for a week, and her hair was changed. It was very voluminous and she loved the way it looked.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives around the country. Women around the country love having beautiful hair. Wen products are available on Amazon and Guthy-Renker online.

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The British Depend On The Gold Standard

 This June marked a paradigm shift for European politics. Concerned about its sovereignty and well being the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union. This news sent financial markets across the globe reeling in response as investors panicked over the possibilities. Looking for stability in the market investors turned away from more traditional investments such as stock and mutual funds while looking for something more durable to put their money in. While some efforts were made to try out every option possible, precious metals emerged as the clear favorite. A solid investment for thousands of years, metals like gold and silver actually increase in value during a recession. With recent reports suggesting that the U.K will officially leave the E.U something in spring 2017, the interest in gold will only increase.

The beauty of precious metals is the way they tend to gain value as other precious commodities decline in worth. An example of this can be seen in the 2008 financial crisis. As the value of various stock market indexes crashed the price of gold increased greatly to values much higher than prior to that subprime mortgage failure. There is a safety you’ll find in gold coins that simply isn’t found anywhere else. The British are aware of this and it played a large role in the rise of the Brexit gold coin. Throughout the United Kingdom uncertainty has led to gold coin sales rapidly increasing in volume. The Brexit coin isn’t the first time Brits have relied on gold as a reliable investment during uncertain times. Historical crises, such as the aforementioned 2008 crisis, provide a precedent for this sort of investment behavior. Physical wealth is simply something that stressed investors will always flock to when they find themselves in a risky market.

Brexit coins are more than just a safe investment for hard times. Investors with their personal retirement in mind would do good to purchase the coins. If something drastic were to happen to the stock market that could send your 401k right down the drain. Gold coins will be there for your financial security when you need it.

Progress Follows Kevin Seawright and the CEDC Throughout Newark

Since its beginning in 2015 Kevin Seawright has been a guiding force in the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The CEDC has a citywide development plan with the goal being to help small business in all areas of town.

Be it a clothing store, or small grocery these businesses can come to the CEDC for help with small loans. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for over a year, working tirelessly to improve the chances for small business success in the Newark area.

The CEDC has a loan specialist on staff and the door is always open to anyone interested in opening a small business in Newark. Kevin says that once criteria has been met, they begin the process of making the loan to help get a business up and running. The admiral goal of this organization to help a small business move up to something more has already been met several times, and the future looks brighter for many of them thanks to Kevin Seawright and his dedicated staff.

The CEDC works with other EDCs, the SBA, as well as banks active in the area. They believe all business matters, and you don’t have to be female or part of a minority to qualify for their help. If the idea is a good one, it gets the same attention and care no matter who’s it is. According to Kevin, the only real requirement, other than the idea itself is the business does have to be located in Newark.

Benefiting the entire community is why the CEDC even exists, and according to Kevin Seawright, they offer a weekly “incubator class” to help in business development. The course takes 12 weeks, and once completed, a small grant is offered to anyone who graduates the course.

They even help find locations for the fledgling business to operate from. With this kind of help, even the smallest business idea has its chance to grow into something much bigger.

Small loans offered through CEDC also come with small interest rates. The idea is not to bury a new business in debt, but to help the “little guy” move forward to success. According to Seawright, the city of Newark is “an oyster, ready to open up and shine.”

Small businesses often grow into larger ones and this can only be good for everyone in the city. With help from CEDC in all phases of opening a business from training in financial stability, employee and business taxes, as well as financial reporting, new business has the opportunity to not only open up, but stay that way.

In the short time it has been operating, Kevin Seawright and his team of professionals at the CEDC have helped 53 new businesses get their start in Newark, and as a result 88 new jobs came into being. Without new business, a community can tend to go “stale”, or worse, slip into decline.

With organizations like the CEDC, and men like Kevin behind them, that is not likely to happen in Newark. He continues to move forward, and so does the city. Market Street shows several new businesses now and most of them would not likely be there today without the help they received from the CEDC.