Lime Crime – The Social Media Unicorn

The social media buzz is loud, and right now all the buzz is about Lime Crime cosmetics. A quick glance at their Instagram followers (2.4m) will quickly show you just what I am talking about! People are really loving this hip, funky brand of cosmetics created and founded by Doe Deere.


And you can believe with that many followers Lime Crime’s new feed is current and hot! Currently on their Instagram page they have a total of 6,341 post. That should keep you busy for a minute. They also have a raving Facebook page with a following of 973,685 and 144 likes!


On their Facebook page they offer some neat little extras to get involved. They have their events page set up to show you any upcoming media events where Lime Crime will be. This is also a great place for you to hear about polls/ contests they are running or when they have having a fabulous unicorn sale!


You can also check out their pages and pages of videos to give you a first hand look at their color palettes and maybe even some helpful tips or beauty secrets. I really dig watching the videos and getting to see how the colors mix and what they pair well with.

Make sure to check out their newsletter and promotions page. Sign up for this one guys, you never know when you may get some savings on your favorite lip stick or eye shadow.


Their social media presence is strong, and they have an intriguing Facebook page, as well as Instagram. Their post are fun, with pictures and have a lot of interactions from their followers. Overall, this company have made a name for itself. They are quickly becoming known for some of the coolest make-up on the market. And their social media presence shows just how popular they are.


Their website is also just as colorful and fun as you would expect. There you can browse through all the different products offered and maybe find just the right unicorn color for you.

The Man That The History Channel Loves Speaking About

It is a rare honor to be the subject of interest on The History Channel. To achieve this status one must either have done something truly interesting with their life or they have a particular set of knowledge that is of interest to the public at large. In the case of Michael Zomber both can be said to be true.

The most interesting detail behind Michael Zomber is that he is a collector of and expert in antique weaponry and armor. He is an international authority on samurai swords for example. These types of qualifications made him a hot commodity to get on shows such as “Tales of the Gun” for the History Channel.

He is very much known as a person who can tell a good story. He likes to inform those who watch the shows that he is in what the history behind certain objects are all about. At the same time, he wants to encourage everyone to learn more about these things and take a genuine interest in them for themselves. It is what the shows on the History Channel strive to do.

He understands that while weapons are interesting to learn about, war itself is nothing but destructive and does nothing to advance mankind. As such, he spends time donating to organizations that promote peace around the world, and he believes that the cause of peace is something truly worth trying to reach.

Bruce Levenson Brings Legal Case Against AIG Insurance Giant

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks by the consortium headed by Bruce Levenson to the current ownership group headed by billionaire Tony Ressler was completed in June 2015, but the members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium are still trying to bring the details of their ownership to a close. One of the major issues Bruce Levenson and his group are trying to bring to a close is the constructive dismissal insurance claim the consortium made with AIG over the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson has brought the case against AIG in a Fulton County Court after failing to have any response from the insurance company despite the assembled legal team stating the policy was triggered during the last months of Ferry’s employment with the NBA franchise. Ferry reached a deal to mutually terminate his contract with Bruce Levenson’s group just two days before the June 2015 sale of the Hawks, but AIG had already been notified of the possible problems caused by comments made by Ferry as early as April 2015 in preparation for a possible insurance claim being made.

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks franchise by Bruce Levenson’s consortium did not bring a close to the career of the founder of the United Communications group; instead, Levenson has thrown himself into the philanthropic work he has always held dear throughout his time with the Atlanta Hawks and ever since.

One of the major causes Bruce Levenson has somehow found the time to work on is his backing of a philanthropy based series of courses offered at the University of Maryland. The success of the undergraduate and graduate courses has seen the school take a global approach to philanthropy ( leading students to spend time in India and the developing world with the backing of Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen.

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Corporations Can Increase Productivity With Coworking Spaces


It turns out that coworking spaces may prove useful and beneficial to large corporations, not only startups and small businesses. featured a report made by furniture manufacturer Hawthorne about the benefits corporations can see from utilizing this latest trend in the world of business. The report suggests that the atmosphere created in these shared spaces can increase worker satisfaction, creativity and productivity. All of these factors are beneficial for large corporations as well, not exclusive to start-ups and small businesses. It even suggests that the rising popularity in using these work spaces could see a large increase in larger corporations using them as the benefits are continuously proved.


Workville is one of the leading providers of quality NYC coworking spaces. Located centrally at 1412 Broadway, their offices are close to major transportation hubs, Time Square and Bryant Park, offering a convenient commute from anywhere in the city. Workville offers a number of different office styles to perfectly suit the preference of their clients. They offer shared offices, move-in ready offices and open desks for all types of uses. Workville has built their offices with all of the necessary features to allow their clients to work as productive as possible. There is fast and reliable wifi to keep workers connected. 24 hour access lets people work when and however long they desire. Printers and private phones help individuals to operate independently from their offices or desks.


The atmosphere created at Workville is one of their proudest accomplishments and something that sets coworking spaces apart from the traditional structure of work environments. With so many like-minded individuals and companies working under one roof, the collaborative opportunities and the increased productivity and creativity are all reasons to join the new coworking space trend. Located on the 21st floor, there are 3 terraces and enough windows to allow sufficient sunlight into the offices making for a warm and welcoming environment. Finding NYC coworking space has never been more appealing or simple than with Workville’s feature spaces. All businesses from small to large can increase their work productivity and overall employee satisfaction by utilizing this service.

New Zealand Tightens Tax Regulations

New Zealand is not described as tax sanctuary, according to the OECD it is not on their list, it has never been, and it is not expected to be on the list shortly. To be listed in OECD, a nation must have certain features including that the country must execute no or minimal taxes; there must be transparency, and their laws impede the exchange of information with other governments. New Zealand does not have the characteristics, and it also does not have a highly private financial industry to be named a tax haven.


It is well known that the gold standard of transparency is 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. The transparency is well known to back the global exchange of data for the purpose of controlling domestic taxation.


Though New Zealand is not considered as a tax haven, it has managed to be transparent in their leadership, and it has done this through the handling of foreign trust as well as the requirements placed on their foreign trustees that go towards assisting other governments. After an extensive research and consultation, Michael Cullen introduced new rules in 2006. The new regulations stated that all the New Zealand residents trust trustee of a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) as well as keeping their financial and tax records for the country’s tax records as required by the IRD.


Some of the requirements listed down by the IRD include the residents’ details of settlement and distribution, trust assets and liability details, trust deeds, as well as the income and the expenditure of the trustee. It is also required if the trustee owns a business they must keep and provide their accounts statements. The New Zealand government also requires that all the records must be maintained in the country and specifically in English. The policy was enacted in 2011 by the enactment of world standard money laundering legislation and failure to follow the rules the residents face a fine.


New Zealand is known to have about 39 tax contract; the agreements benefits the nation in the reduction of tax obstructions to cross-border trades and investments as well as in the helping to cube those invading tax payment. The country has made all efforts to see their revenue goes up each year and it has made over 20 agreements with other governments.


Geoffrey Cone is a renowned tax lawyer who started his career after he graduated from the University of Otago New Zealand with LLB and he is also a Diploma Holder in Tax and Trust Law. His first practice in Auckland in 1980 and he later moved to Christchurch where he served as a partner and a Chairman of Partners in a law firm. Cone established his practice in 1999, Cone Marshall Limited after he worked in West Indies as a litigator for two years. His Law firm offers global tax and trust planning as well as the provision of trust and trustees management services to associated companies.


New Website Makes It Easier to Invest in Precious Metals from U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve has launched a new website that properly cements their place in the precious metals industry as a leader. The new feature at help the company offer superior customer service while also building on its fundamental vision of commitment and trust.

The entire website has been overhauled and has full photographed spreads of the leader of the US Reserve, the former U.S. Mint Director and current president of the company, Philip N. Diehl. It also has an excellent extensive coin photo gallery. The aim of the new website is teach consumers about the many benefits that come from owning bullion issued by the government. It also focuses on teaching people how to make the best purchase of gold coins.

VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan, explained that the new website offers a responsive tool that will allow them to offer top notch content on many different platforms as well as interact with their clients in a variety of different manners. Of course, there will also be a secure online marketplace that will allow customers to purchase precious metals in a safe and secure fashion. Buchanan was in charge of the new website launch and helped implement many new features and applications that will make it easier to purchase precious metals off the online website.

One of the nice perks of using the online US Reserve Money website is the fact that you can see live pricing on silver and gold bullion and bars. The pricing is competitive and ensures that you literally pay the fair market price when you make your investment. Additionally, the U.S. Money Reserve allows consumers to purchase PCGS certified coins and products for those who want to make a more careful purchase of precious metals.

Those who need a bit of guidance before investing in precious metals can go to the U.S. Money Reserve website and sign up to receive a free golf information kit. Plus, they can also look over the Knowledge Center for information and answers to their questions about terms that are associated with pricing and grading precious metals.

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Helane Morrison: A Woman Of Courage And Conviction

In order to be successful in any industry, one has to have courage and conviction. This is something that Helane Morrison has as a compliance officer. She has been very effective in her career taking on cases and making sure companies act in ways that are more ethical. Of course, given her effectiveness, there are some people that do not like her. However, this only encourages to take it to the next level. Her heart does not go to those who abuse their power. She is more considerate of those who have been abused and victimized. She works very hard towards leveling the playing field.


One factor that fuels her courage and conviction is that she truly believes in what she is doing. When one person holds a job that she is passionate about, she is more likely to get the job done effectively. Not only that, she will be more likely to find better ways to make things work in her career. This is one of the many things I admire about Helane. I also am learning to live life based on what I believe in. One of the worst things I could do is sell my soul for a dollar.


Given that Helane has a passion and a fire for what she is doing, she has risen pretty high in her career. She has held a leadership position when it comes to fighting for the rights of people who have been given a little less than they should have gotten. She is so passionate about what she is doing that she has shown a willingness to push forward in times when people were afraid to act. One example is in the 2008 recession when all of the corruption was revealed. People were afraid to act because they didn’t know where to start. Helane Morrison has decided on where to start and has led the fight in bringing companies to a more ethical way of conducting business.


What Should A Client Seek In A Reputation Management Firm?

Tales of online public relations horror stories permeate social media and traditional news outlets. The foibles of a major company drawn into an avoidable scandal leaves many worried about the potential to experience a similar disastrous situation. And then there is the tale of the quiet neighbor. He/she may have run into an unexpected legal scenario leading to an arrest. The arrest then spawned an embarrassing mention in the news.

Reports such as these cause many to seriously think about any unpredictable harm befalling their reputations. And then there are those whose reputation has already experienced a major attack. Both those worried about a potential reputation crisis and person dealing with reputation woes should keep a reputation management firm in mind. Selecting the right reputation management company must be a deliberative process.

Since the goal is to prevent or correct harm to a brand or personal reputation, the tasks of fixing things must be left to those with exceptional skill. Only by looking for certain vital traits can the best firm be picked.

Ironically, the way people find out “bad things” about a client is the same way a client can learn important items about a reputation management firm. Specifically, running a search online is the way to go. Checking out reviews, reports, testimonials, and press releases about a firm is going to reveal a lot. The top firms like Reputation Defender are going to maintain a strong presence online. The consistent activity of a top business makes staying out of social media and the search engines difficult. That is quite the positive thing. By garnering a good presence online, clients are better able to find a reputation fixing “mover and shaker” much more easily.

Dialogue with a firm assists with making a good choice. Does the firm provide an outline of the type of services it will perform? Are the promises realistic? Are the firm’s purported actions agreeable to the rules of the search engine giants? Such things are important to determine when trying to pick a reputation management firm. How the firm operates plays a huge role in whether or not promises and services are delivered as expected.