Helane Morrison: A Woman Of Courage And Conviction

In order to be successful in any industry, one has to have courage and conviction. This is something that Helane Morrison has as a compliance officer. She has been very effective in her career taking on cases and making sure companies act in ways that are more ethical. Of course, given her effectiveness, there are some people that do not like her. However, this only encourages to take it to the next level. Her heart does not go to those who abuse their power. She is more considerate of those who have been abused and victimized. She works very hard towards leveling the playing field.


One factor that fuels her courage and conviction is that she truly believes in what she is doing. When one person holds a job that she is passionate about, she is more likely to get the job done effectively. Not only that, she will be more likely to find better ways to make things work in her career. This is one of the many things I admire about Helane. I also am learning to live life based on what I believe in. One of the worst things I could do is sell my soul for a dollar.


Given that Helane has a passion and a fire for what she is doing, she has risen pretty high in her career. She has held a leadership position when it comes to fighting for the rights of people who have been given a little less than they should have gotten. She is so passionate about what she is doing that she has shown a willingness to push forward in times when people were afraid to act. One example is in the 2008 recession when all of the corruption was revealed. People were afraid to act because they didn’t know where to start. Helane Morrison has decided on where to start and has led the fight in bringing companies to a more ethical way of conducting business.


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