New Website Makes It Easier to Invest in Precious Metals from U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve has launched a new website that properly cements their place in the precious metals industry as a leader. The new feature at help the company offer superior customer service while also building on its fundamental vision of commitment and trust.

The entire website has been overhauled and has full photographed spreads of the leader of the US Reserve, the former U.S. Mint Director and current president of the company, Philip N. Diehl. It also has an excellent extensive coin photo gallery. The aim of the new website is teach consumers about the many benefits that come from owning bullion issued by the government. It also focuses on teaching people how to make the best purchase of gold coins.

VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan, explained that the new website offers a responsive tool that will allow them to offer top notch content on many different platforms as well as interact with their clients in a variety of different manners. Of course, there will also be a secure online marketplace that will allow customers to purchase precious metals in a safe and secure fashion. Buchanan was in charge of the new website launch and helped implement many new features and applications that will make it easier to purchase precious metals off the online website.

One of the nice perks of using the online US Reserve Money website is the fact that you can see live pricing on silver and gold bullion and bars. The pricing is competitive and ensures that you literally pay the fair market price when you make your investment. Additionally, the U.S. Money Reserve allows consumers to purchase PCGS certified coins and products for those who want to make a more careful purchase of precious metals.

Those who need a bit of guidance before investing in precious metals can go to the U.S. Money Reserve website and sign up to receive a free golf information kit. Plus, they can also look over the Knowledge Center for information and answers to their questions about terms that are associated with pricing and grading precious metals.

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