Corporations Can Increase Productivity With Coworking Spaces


It turns out that coworking spaces may prove useful and beneficial to large corporations, not only startups and small businesses. featured a report made by furniture manufacturer Hawthorne about the benefits corporations can see from utilizing this latest trend in the world of business. The report suggests that the atmosphere created in these shared spaces can increase worker satisfaction, creativity and productivity. All of these factors are beneficial for large corporations as well, not exclusive to start-ups and small businesses. It even suggests that the rising popularity in using these work spaces could see a large increase in larger corporations using them as the benefits are continuously proved.


Workville is one of the leading providers of quality NYC coworking spaces. Located centrally at 1412 Broadway, their offices are close to major transportation hubs, Time Square and Bryant Park, offering a convenient commute from anywhere in the city. Workville offers a number of different office styles to perfectly suit the preference of their clients. They offer shared offices, move-in ready offices and open desks for all types of uses. Workville has built their offices with all of the necessary features to allow their clients to work as productive as possible. There is fast and reliable wifi to keep workers connected. 24 hour access lets people work when and however long they desire. Printers and private phones help individuals to operate independently from their offices or desks.


The atmosphere created at Workville is one of their proudest accomplishments and something that sets coworking spaces apart from the traditional structure of work environments. With so many like-minded individuals and companies working under one roof, the collaborative opportunities and the increased productivity and creativity are all reasons to join the new coworking space trend. Located on the 21st floor, there are 3 terraces and enough windows to allow sufficient sunlight into the offices making for a warm and welcoming environment. Finding NYC coworking space has never been more appealing or simple than with Workville’s feature spaces. All businesses from small to large can increase their work productivity and overall employee satisfaction by utilizing this service.

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