Education Reform Success Highlights The Skills Of Betsy DeVos

As a parent I am always looking to make sure my own child has the best possible chance of achieving as much as possible during their school career, but as parents we often feel limited in our options of school choice if the cost of a private school education is taken out of our hands. Although I do not see myself as much of a protester or reformer I must admit the role played by Michigan’s Betsy DeVos in pushing forward school choice and school voucher programs in recent years is something I have been impressed by; the dedication to the introduction of charter schools Mrs. DeVos has undertaken is another area I feel she should be applauded for keeping her focus in a cause she knew to be right that many looked to block for their own political gains.

Playing politics in education is something Betsy cannot be accused of as she has been one of the most prominent bipartisan supporters of the introduction of education reform programs across U.S. states regardless of the political ideology of state and local leaders. Betsy DeVos has assisted in the introduction of school choice and school voucher programs in areas as diverse as Florida, Illinois, and Louisiana after she took the cause of education reform she has backed since the 19870s to a national audience in 2003. Betsy DeVos has chaired a number of education reform groups that have done, in my own view, impressive work on a number of levels as Mrs. DeVos herself has often spent time in states where education reform bills were set to come before State legislators and often faced opposition from those who had little understanding of the difficulties facing the education departments of major states. In fact, Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos, the former President of the AmWay group direct sales company was elected to the Michigan Board of Education in the 1990s and fought to make sure programs like the Detroit Charter Schools bill were implemented during his time in office.

One aspect of the work of Betsy DeVos I could not help but be impressed by has been her willingness to dedicate her own time, effort, and funding to a number of causes revolving around the education system in Michigan and across the nation. Betsy and her husband formed their own nonprofit group, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in 1989 and have used this charitable group to back a number of projects relating to education reform and individual projects designed to aid in the development of a fairer education system for all. The Windquest Group investment company established by Betsy DeVos with her husband has also used its skills to make sure the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school established by Betsy DeVos maintains its standards and success long into the future.

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