Thor Halvorssen is Changing The World

Born Into Chaos

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela and the country has forever shaped who he is. Venezuela is a country well known for its troubles with authoritarian politics and corruption. Thor Halvorssen, now living in the United States, is deeply opposed to the current state of the country he was born in. In fact, he has even seen the corruption take a toll on his own life with many of his family members either imprisoned or even killed for standing up against a dictator.

Life Under A Dictator

The central theme of Halvorssen’s life is the fight against oppression. Oppression means he can’t return the country he was born in. It has led to the incarceration of his father and cousins. His mother was actually killed by the supporters of a dictator. He isn’t alone in his pain and suffering. Currently, more than 35% of all humans live in a country controlled by a dictator. While Thor Halvorssen has managed to escape this oppression his own personal safety isn’t enough for him. He wants to make sure that everyone is able to experience freedom.

Fighting For Others

Halvorssen has spent much of his adult life fighting for the rights of others. Whether he’s fighting for the rights of the occupants of Chinese labor camps or trying to protect LGBT in Uganda, Halvorssen feels the need to improve the lives of others. The centerpiece of all this activity is the Human Rights Foundation. Serving as president of the Human Rights Foundation, he has made great progress towards the world he wants to see. Things aren’t always going well, but he manages to stay in the fight even when it puts his life in considerable danger.

How To Change The World

Trying to bring change on a global scale isn’t an easy thing to do. There are plenty of reasons why dictators are able to stay in power. However, there are few people with the same determination and talent that Halvorssen has. It may take him some time but one day those regimes will topple.


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