Wengie’s Guide for Perfecting a Day of Laziness

Being lazy is nothing to be ashamed of, to an extent, of course. YouTube personality, Wengie, understands this idea and fully embraces her inner lazy girl often. Because of the pure joy she receives from being totally lazy when she deserves to, she enjoys regularly sharing with her viewers how they can also do virtually nothing for a day and be alright afterward. Aside from sleeping and eating, how do you actually perfect the art of laziness?


Invest in Spill-Proof Items


When you think of a person who does nothing, what is your first image? Probably a person laying in bed with a phone in their hands and television in front of them. If this was your answer, you are probably correct and have attempted to be lazy like this yourself. During this action, or lack there of, you have also gotten thirsty, so you reach for your cup or mug. Certainly, you spill the contents of the container and are forced to get out of bed to change. How is this avoided, though? Wengie has one answer: Sippy cups.


Yes, you are over the age of two, but that does not mean that you cannot use a sippy cup on your lazy days. There just might be a company out there that manufactures adult, spill-proof cups, after all.


Pretend That You are Being Productive


If you live with a parent, spouse, or roommate, you are expected to do some chores each day. Without a doubt, this expectation decimates laziness and that is just not okay with you every single day. Next time that you are prompted to vacuum, take to the internet in order to find a vacuum sound. That will keep someone from pestering you and buy you some more precious lazy time.

Keep Your Arms from Getting Tired While Scrolling

You are probably guilty of spending hours on end scrolling through social media or the internet in general. At some point, this mindless act makes your arms tired, a reality that forces your scrolling to end prematurely. To give your arms a break, install wall hooks on the nearest surface to safely nestle your device.


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