A Review Of George Soros’ Roots, Agendas And Philanthropic Activities

George Soros is a New York hedge fund billionaire who is considered to be one of the most successful and powerful investors in the world. His star started shining in early 1990s when he made a fortune of over $1 billion during the Black Wednesday. He made a short sale of US$10 billion worth of Pound Sterling. George Soros is a traditional supporter of American Progressive and American Liberal political causes. Soros has donated millions of dollars through his Open Society Foundation. With an immense influence, George Soros has played a major role in helping to reshape political landscapes of different countries across the world by toppling regimes that ruled for years. Today, Soros has the most profound influence on the American politics and culture. The business magnate was born in Budapest to an upper-middle class Hungarian Jew family who were uncomfortable with their roots. Due to the Nazi reign, his family was forced to change their Jewish name, Schwartz to Soros, and purchase Christian identity documents to avoid deportation on Investopedia. George’s father went ahead to pay government officials to conceal their Jewish heritage and bribed gentile families to shelter them in their homes. They flew to England in 1947 where Soros enrolled in the London School of Economics. He developed interest for the works done by philosopher Karl Popper. While in England, George worked as a porter and a waiter. After graduating, George Soros started selling fancy products in souvenir shops and seaside.

He secured his first job at a merchant bank, Singer and Friedlander, in 1954 where he initially worked as a clerk before moving to the arbitrage department. Later, he joined F.M. Mayer, a brokerage firm, where focused on European stocks. These shares were becoming popular with investors in the United States following the formation of the Coal and Steel Community that later became the Common Market. George Soros worked for Wertheim and Co as an analyst of European securities. He also served as the vice president of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. He established Double Eagle Fund in 1969. Four years later, the company had $12 million and they received returns of their shares each year. He formed Soros Fund Management, which he renamed to Quantum Fund. By 2013, the fund had made unprecedented $5.5 billion. He formed Open Society Foundation (OSF) in 1979. Through the corporation, he commits capital to American Groups and causes and other nations across the world. OSF supports freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law as well as social justice, universal idea and social responsibilities. Today, OSF operates in more than 70 countries around the world. This information was originally published on Discover the Networks as outlined on discoverthenetworks.org.

George Soros has a net worth of $25.2 billion. Today, George Soros is best known for his philanthropy considering that since 1979, he has committed over $8 billion to education groups, public health and human rights. The renowned hedge fund investor pledged $100 million to Human Rights Watch in 2010 and has given $150 million to Roma Rights. Presently, he is working with Silver Lake, a private equity firm in an effort to invest in clean energy. This information was originally mentioned on Forbes.

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