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Cancer is continuously becoming one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Various statistics indicate that it is the second largest cause of death after HIV/AIDS. Various researches are underway and one of the most important methods used in disseminating research findings is through publication. One most reliable journal for publication on cancer and oncology research is Oncotarget by Impact Journals. In order to control the spread of cancer, substantial knowledge needs to be developed in order to understand it deeply. Various researches covered in the journal have looked at lifestyle cause of disease as a primary reason for this breakout though this cannot lead various researchers in making conclusions. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

Oncotarget beside cancer and oncology research also publishes research findings on other issues that have also been greatest areas of concern in our current world. Among the issues published include pathology and endocrinology. Authors can submit their research findings to Oncotarget but before doing so, they have to state whether their research is related to cancer and oncology or related to other areas that it deals with. All articles submitted by authors are reviewed by an editors’ team before publication.

Before submitting an article for Oncotarget publishing, it requires that the author complies with all the terms and conditions and publishing policies in Impact Journal. Publishing policies are not different from other publishing websites and includes issues such as concern for animal rights, copyright issues and author’s information. Further information can be found on visiting her website which is just a click of a button.

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