How the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Deliver Desirable Results

To help others see what type of results the WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners actually deliver, one young woman decided to write about her daily use of the product and post it as an article on Bustle. This was the first time the woman had ever used the WEN cleansing conditioner, so she was not sure what type of results to expect. The first day she tried the fig version of the cleanser was after she had already put in a full day of being transported around town, so her hair was looking pretty greasy and unruly.

During her first application of the product she noticed two things. The first was that the product did not lather up and the second was that her hair began to feel thicker as she massaged the cleansing conditioner into her scalp. She took a photo after blow drying her hair to show how it had more shine. The young woman continued to chronicle her results with Wen hair for an entire week, during which she continued to take photos and upload them on Facebook, of how her hair looked. She concludes her article by saying she definitely saw an improvement in her hair’s body, manageability and shine when she used WEN every day.

WEN’s Beneficial Properties

The reason why the WEN cleansing conditioners outperform their Sephora competitors is because they contain ingredients that have beneficial properties. The natural plant extracts found in each variety help add fullness through the use of proteins and amino acids. They also help repair damaged hair through the use of essential vitamins. The fig variety contains the type of botanical extracts that help nourish dry, frizzy hair while also hydrating hair to add fullness and manageability.

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  1. The fact that the WEN cleansing conditioners contain elements of both cleansing and conditioning products, allows them to clean without removing the natural oils that keep hair healthy. It may not be so surprising that also have a clear definition in what they need to do and that would make things even easier too.

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