Why Many Schools Can Do Away With Parent Meetings With ClassDojo’s Arrival

It’s amazing what little bits of technology can do as far as cost-savings and basic operations go especially for education. A little app called ClassDojo has hit schools across the world changing not only how teachers teach their subjects, but also how they keep parents involved with them and their children. The app has borrowed some concepts that Facebook uses but has kept them tailored to classroom activities. Because teachers and parents are always connected to student activities through posts, photos and private messages, many schools are no longer holding the semester or annual parent-teacher conferences.

ClassDojo was the idea of two British entrepreneurs named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who visited the US and wanted to get ideas for a groundbreaking new app. They had been fascinated by the takeoff of social media and wanted to use it in a way that hadn’t been done before. They then thought of education and considered how teachers could use it as a tool for rewarding good students and promoting more interaction in the classroom. After asking several teachers how such an app could benefit them, they began working on it and soon had an app that gave out points to good students. But Chaudhary and Don didn’t want to stop there because they saw how much more potential this app had.

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Soon Chaudhary and Don started adding student stories and quick photo options to mimic other apps like Instagram. As supplemental material for the app they began working with a learning development and research team from Stanford to create videos about learning challenges. These videos feature little characters who have to find new ways to learn tricky subjects. The videos aim to encourage students that no subject is ever impossible to learn and they can do so by changing their way of thinking. Check blogs on linkedin.com.

ClassDojo has attracted venture capital and funding from private investors who have seen just how important it is. To date it’s raised $30 million after its latest round of $22 million in offerings. One reason Chaudhary and Don have done well monetarily is they haven’t spent any money on marketing campaigns and rely on old fashioned word-of-mouth to get their name out there. Not spending money on advertising has allowed them to improve security and privacy features on the app. They have not generated any income from the app yet but they are working on options that users can pay for to add extra learning features.  For added info, check on amazon.com.

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