Organic and Visibly Soft tasty lip spheres

When shopping for EOS lip balms it is difficult to not be drawn in by the adorable little spheres of delicious lip protection; but are they different? The answer is yes. EOS has developed quite the selection of tasty colorful spheres. Organic smooth and visibly soft provide the most flavor options.

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Organic smooth spheres are just that; organic. These healthy little lip balm balls are 95% organic and contain 100% natural ingredients. EOS Organic spheres are paraben and petrolatum free and they are packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E. These spheres contain shea butter and jojoba oil and are gluten free. For those of us who aren’t as concerned about ingredients as we are flavors, the organic line will not disappoint. The little twist off lip balm balls come in a wide selection of flavors that will please anyone. Organic options are blueberry acai which can be a bit tart but comes in a small blue sphere. Strawberry sorbet which tastes like dessert without the calories. Summer fruit which is a blend of strawberry, peach and blueberry; a fruit salad for your lips. Sweet mint for a minty fresh tingle and honeysuckle/honeydew in a spring green sphere.  More on

Visibly soft smooth spheres are not organic but they are 99% natural. These 100% natural spheres provide long-lasting moisture because they are packed with shea butter and vitamins C & E. These are also gluten paraben and petrolatum free The visibly soft smooth spheres are available in vanilla mint, coconut milk and blackberry nectar. While the selection is not as large as the organic line, these flavors each are original and tasty. Vanilla min is similar to an ice cream dessert, coconut milk is soothing and rich while the blackberry nectar is a bit sweet and fresh.  Helpful link on

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