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Different countries across the globe are working closely today to grow economically and develop as a recognized power across the world. Growth is not possible today without working with other countries, and this is where the importance of comparative law also comes in. Different countries have different laws and legal systems, and comparative law helps in understanding what the differences and similarities in these legal systems are.

It helps in finding a passage through these complex legal systems for different countries to work together on various segments, such as economic, social, trade, defense, cultural, information exchange, criminal assistance programs, and more. Comparative law studies the legal systems of different countries minutely so that a common platform is created wherein such international transfers and transactions can take place, without any disputes with the local legal system in their respective countries.

Comparative law is the study of various legislations and legal systems existing today, which primarily includes socialist law, civil law, Cannon Law, Islamic Law, Chinese Law, Hindu Law and Jewish Law. The political and social unrest in many countries can be assisted through comparative law. It helps in the democratic transition from authoritarian government to a democratic government. In the long-term, the comparative law helps with the unification of legislation across the world in a subtle way without interfering with the regional legal identity of the legal systems.

Comparative law assists with making the cross-country exchange seamless and hassle-free from the legal point of view. Many legal hurdles may arise as different countries start working with each other, especially due to the restrictions imposed by the country’s legal system. However, comparative law studies these differences and helps make necessary amendments as well as find a way through these hurdles for growing international partnerships  Related articles on

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Sujit Choudhry is the name to reckon with in the field of Comparative Law and has written numerous articles that are published in globally recognized journals and law related books. Follow his tweets also, visit his page.  He is widely popular for being the founder of Center for Constitutional Transition, which is a think tank and a one of its kind University Center that mobilizes legal knowledge on how to deal with democratic transformation in crisis-struck countries. More to read on Sujit Choudhry has helped with the constitution formation for many countries as a foreign law expert, such as Jordan, Libya, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa. He is also the consultant member at the World Bank Institute., check this on

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