Tracking Mental Health Issues with James Tananbaum

Mental Health issues are common modern medical theme. It seems that millions of people around the globe are suffering from issues related to mental health. While western medicine has shifted gears to deal with these healthcare crises; it only does so from a subjective standpoint. For western medicine, that is a huge problem.

Western medicine is founded on sound principles of science. When it comes to measuring a person’s mental health; it is not always easy to figure out what is going on with their mind conclusively. However, this problem is about to change. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Mindstrong Health is a startup company that is now in the development phase of producing mobile technology that can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. This company has received over $14 million in Series-A funding to help get the technology in place. One company that supports this organization is Foresite Capital.

The CEO of Foresite Capital is Jim Tananbaum. He started this company in 2011 as a means to provide funding for medical related technology and research. Companies and organizations that are able to produce practical, effective and meaningful healthcare related technology; are eligible for funding as long as they meet certain criteria.

Jim Tanabaum stated that Mindstrong delivered an unmatched approach to dealing with neuro based mental disorders. He understands that the smartphone technology that they use to evaluate a patient’s mental state is very accurate and is scientifically based. This is a huge plus; because this technology uses certain criteria based off of mobile phone use to evaluate a person’s mental state.

This technology will be presented in the form of an app. Once it is developed as an app and has been approved it will then be released to medical professionals as an evaluation tool. Mindstrong’s development of this app is considered a minor breakthrough in the fight against mental health disorders. This technology will ultimately help mental health professionals and their patients to deal more effectively with neurological based issues.

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