NuoDB creates robust SQL database in the cloud

The idea of cloud computing is literally as old as digital computers themselves. Although many people view cloud computing as a cutting-edge technology, the truth is that the mainframe-terminal model was the chief means of operating computers prior to the advent of the personal computer in the early 1980s. This early form of cloud computing, however, had absolutely nothing on the modern, internet-driven version.

Today, the advent of high-speed internet connections, highly optimized server computing models and ultra-sophisticated artificial intelligence have conspired to create some of the most robust and user-friendly SQL databases the world has ever seen.

One of these systems is called NuoDB. NuoDB is an SQL database that is completely cloud-based, and it provides virtually bullet proof data storage, total accessibility on any device, anywhere in the world, and optimization that simply would not be possible using a legacy SQL database system and infrastructure.

All this adds up to dramatically reduced costs, incredible scalability and user-friendliness that has never even before been imagined by database administrators. NuoDB is quickly revolutionizing the ways in which businesses interact with their SQL databases and opening up the power of advanced analytics to all business owners, large or small.

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