What’s Next for Securus Technologies? CEO Rick Smith’s Leadership Style Will Tell

Securus Technologies is led by Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith. Smith was appointed to the CEO position in 2008 after showing great success in several management positions at the Inmate Management Technology company. Securus is a business that has grown quickly in the past several years as technology becomes more highly introduced into North America’s prison system. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and have over 1,000 team members in their Dallas office and their multiple satellite offices such as in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was officially formed in 2004 after the merger of two other companies and since then has grown into one of the market leaders in their vertical.Securus Technologies offers two different solutions. The first is a series of different security technologies that are utilized by prisons and correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. The second is an inmate calling solution that connects people in prisons with their loved ones on the outside.

Their offerings are extremely unique in the prison industry and warrant some additional information. Their first offering of security technologies have revolutionized the level of security in prisons when it comes to contraband cell phone and inmates that seek to use technology to do harm while incarcerated. Their offerings has a feeling of “use technology for good, not evil.” They offer products such as the Cell Phone Defender that seeks out and locates mobile phones that may have been brought into prisons as contraband.Next, they also offer a mobile calling solution for inmates that they are widely known for. This solution allows inmates’ loved ones to deposit money into a Debit-style Account that gives them the ability to receive or make mobile or video calls as well as send emails.

When Rick Smith became CEO of Securus Technologies he brought with him his drive to innovate and consistently grow. For example, each week Securus either develops a new technology or pushes his team to expand in a concrete way on an established technology.Rick Smith has an extensive background in leadership. He has held management positions in various aspects of companies including Chief Operations Office, Vice President of Finance and multiple other Chief Executive Officer Roles.Prior to becoming CEO, he held a variety of positions at Securus. He quickly climbed the management ladder to earn the position he holds today. Before working at Securus he worked at Eschedlon Telecom Inc., where he grow the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million and successfully launched their IPO. He also worked at the VP of Finance for Frontier Corporation where he also grew within the company quickly.Overall, the company has seen a great deal of success, but sticking to his leadership style, Rick Smith wants that success to continue to increase as the years go on.

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