Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Delivering Quality Medical Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of five hospitals in U.S.A with the headquarters being at Boca Raton, the state of Florida. The hospitals provide care to cancer patients using modern day medicine and technology. The centers are in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Philadelphia.

Lately, prostate cancer has become widespread in men and thus initiating the need for awareness to be created among people.Awareness is one of the promising ways of ensuring a decline of this condition. According to recent studies, one of seven men is likely to have prostate cancer. These staggering statistics have prompted several prominent institutions to team up to educate people and avail screening services for prostate cancer for men aged forty years and above. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, National Football League Alumni Association, NFLA, and LabCorp have joined hands in lobbying people to visit cancer treatment centers for screening.

The mentioned organizations also convey information via the media for people to understand the disease and ways of managing it. Renowned coaches from previous tenures including herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and dick vermeil are the ones conducting the public service announcements. With September being the prostate awareness month, the campaign started on 1st September and is set to run until 15th October. The campaign is targeting 2000 men for the free screening, after which every man will get a discount of $25 for six months. All eligible candidates are expected to visit Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals where they will get adequate care from well-trained medical personnel.

The hospitals are equipped with state of the art technologies to facilitate efficient medical care. LabCorp has 1750 branches countrywide where men can have the prostate-specific antigen test (PSA) which determines whether one has prostate cancer or not. A high PSA level beyond a given range needs to be seen further by a physician.

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