Todd Lubar is the current TDL Global Ventures Capital, LLC Todd Lubar. He doubles as the Sr. Vice President, Legendary Investments.


Todd Lubar started school at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC 1977 to 1987. He proceeded to take High School studies at The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. He went to Syracuse University to pursue a B.A in speech communication, graduating in 1995. After which he headed to Crestar Mortgage Corporation for his first job.


Todd Lubar has an illustrious career line. He stayed with Crestar from 1995 until 1999. He learned the model of conservative Mortgage banking during his stay at Crestar. He developed relationships with insurance agents, CPA’s, Real Estate agents, and financial planners. These would later be his referrals when he got into the real estate industry.

He joined Legacy Financial group in Texas, in 1999. In his time, the Maryland office grew to a production unit of several 100 million dollars a year in loan volume. In 2005, he left to join the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. Serving at the First Magnus Financial Corp until 2007.

The mortgage industry went through several changes. He then decided to focus on buy money mortgage. He started the trade with Priority Financial Services. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Apart from the mortgage banking, Todd Lubar has also gone in other industries. He has owned companies in the recycling, Demolition, nightclub industry. He has also been in the Real estate development.

He has learned a lot in his long stay in the industry. He knows the best business practices and how to cope in any environment. Check out his website for more.

Personal Life

Todd lives with his two children at Bethesda, Maryland. He likes traveling and spending time with his children. His value in life is on personal improvement, being a better person today than he was yesterday. He loves adding value to everything that he comes into contact with.

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