Sujit Choudhry’s Open Letter to Spain and Catalonia

Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi. He attained high school education at the University of Toronto schools, achieved a degree in biology at MC Gill University and later LL.M from the Harvard school of law. He is the founding director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions and professor of law at the University of California.  Click on for a related article.

His extensive knowledge of comparative constitutional law and politics has earned him international recognition. He has played an advisory role in the drafting of constitutions in countries like Nepal, Jordan, Ukraine, Egypt, Yemen, South Africa, Tunisia, and Libya. Check to read more of his advisory works.

Sujit Choudhry together with his fellow Constitutional lawyers penned an open letter to Spain and Catalonia intending to solve the session crisis peacefully. The letter implored the two sides to dialogue, and they have faith that the two protagonists will settle their constitutional issues amicably.

The letter asks the president of Catalonia to show his commitment of seceding from Spain. Scholars believe that this can be demonstrated by arranging a referendum that will confirm the Catalan population’s view about secession. The letter also asked PM Rajoy of Spain not to suppress the desire of the people from Catalonia from seceding.  For more of his views on politically related issues, hit on

Plea for dialogue

The scholars also argue that the Catalons and Spaniards desire that the dispute is solved orderly and peacefully. Spain abused this call in October by brutally engaging the Catalans hoping to stop them from holding the referendum. This made the already tense situation even worse. Scholars approve the decision of Mr. Puigdemont to postpone the declaration of Catalonia’s independence to dialogue with Spain as a means of finding peace.

Scholars also stated that the government of Catalonia should give up its ambition of independence since it’s clear that many people are doubtful about the idea of autonomy and even many others are against it. They also observe that though Spain did everything to frustrate the voter turnout, it’s still not clear whether the Catalans are in favor of secession. They encourage the government to come up with a solution to Catalonia, and it must be achieved through fair, credible and democratic means. For updates on his recent timeline activities, click this useful link.

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Constitutional Advisor, Professor Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry who is the director for Constitutional Transitions, on July tenth he joined a group of the constitutional experts where they talked about a semi-presidential arrangement of Ukraine. Likewise in their discussions, they specified the protected difficulties that the framework is confronting. The workshop was facilitated by the universal foundation for vote based system, the focal point of strategy and legitimate change and intergovernmental associations supporting manageable majority rule government around the world.

Choudhry said that it was respect to talk about the official powers in the participation of the specialists. He additionally pointed that democratization of Ukraine has not been steady. Components that prompt this weakness are administration control, council discretionary framework, and the fragile political gatherings among others.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry has addressed in different countries and additionally filled in as established process consultant from around the globe. He has likewise possessed the capacity to discharge Choudhry’s sacred makings which is an accumulation of scholastic commitments and articles on protected law and contextual investigations. Related article on

In the same meeting, Mr. Choudhry went ahead to mention the recent wave that involved the transitional democracies in the process of the constitutional making decisions. In relation to this, he stated that it was serious for the current constitutional thought leaders to gather and discuss the policies that are in support of the constitutional reform process. According to Choudhry, they focus on a set of case studies and use them to gather information on the subject clearly.  Learn something from his published work here, click on

Choudhry is an educator of Law at the University of California at Berkley Law School. He is the principal Indian-American senior member of the University. He is one of the considerable personalities that earned their degree in law from the Harvard school of law. Following his graduation from law school, Choudhry chose to desert his biological studies at the University of McGill to study law at the University of Oxford. To know the professor and his works more, check this useful link.

His profound knowledge in the field of law has empowered him to make an individual compatibility and additionally those he joins forces with. He has assembled his name and he is perceived globally for his constitutional understanding.  More to read on

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Kate Hudson Places Fabletics in the Same Level with Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is battling with giants like Amazon to have its share in the e-commerce sector. Kate has natured the company to worth $250 million in just four years. She uses subscription approach in Fabletics to increase the number of sales. Old marketing strategies don’t seem to increase the number of sales. Customers are attracted by things like brand recognition, customer experience, last-mile service and gamification elements. The modern marketing strategies are rewarding to Fabletics; the company is set to open more physical stores in addition to the ones that are already operational in areas like California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida.


Physical Stores with a Difference


Fabletics doesn’t see browsing as a challenge, and this is because most of the customers who go to their stores are either members and if not so they may turn to be members in the store. Fabletics encourage a good relationship with customers, and they don’t care so much even if a customer comes into the store and fails to buy.


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The company is making massive sales because they focus on consumer satisfaction, education and experience, and balance of lifestyle. Fabletics gives customers new products that meet their needs to increase sales. The other tactics that they use to remain firm in the physical market include fast purchase options, smart distribution, and innovative membership programs.


Fabletics is playing smart to remain relevant and also compete with other giants in e-commerce such as Amazon, Bonobos, and Warby Parker.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson has all along played a central role in bringing up Fabletics from a small company in 2013 to a group that is worth $250 in just four years. Kate introduced Fabletics membership that faced some little resistance but later on picked up and has been a great tool of trade in Fabletics.


Kate’s effort gave the company an upper hand in e-commerce and was rated among the best businesses by Better Business Bureau in just less than two years. The company currently has over 1.2 million active members, and the number is increasing daily. Kate has achieved a lot at Fabletics, but it is fantastic that she is still in action and she doesn’t have a plan of quitting acting soon.

Jay Z Meeting with UMG CEO Sparks Speculation of a Pending Partnership

Ten years ago, Jay Z made a deal with Live Nation where they held rights to his recorded music. The deal is coming to an end in 2018. As a result, the rap artist is seeking to partner with organizations in the music industry. The $150 million deal took place in 2008. When the duly agreed time elapses, it will trigger a buy-sell situation where both parties could sell their share or acquire Roc Nation in whole. There is information about Live Nation extending the touring deal with Jay Z. Live Nation, however, is pulling out of the record music contract.

An Insider in the music industry said that Live Nation had stopped doing business in the record industry. As a result, they would not keep or seek to extend Jay Z contract. However, the touring deal with the rap artist is still lucrative, and they hope to maintain the relationship for years to come. Of late, Jay Z and his company’s executive Desiree Perez have met with representatives from the Universal Music Group. The meeting sparked speculations that UMG could be seeking to buy part of Roc Nation. A successful deal with the institution would give Jay Z enough resources to expand and improve Tidal. As at the moment, Tidal is facing stiff competition from Apple Music and Spotify services. UMG insiders said that they had done business with Jay Z before. Currently, they own a small percentage of Jay-Z’s company. They also expressed their interest in expanding business relations with the Rap artist.

Along with playing an essential part in Rihanna’s Samsung deal, Desiree Perez plays a significant role in Roc Nation. She came in when the company was in a tight lane. However, her expertise at crunching numbers and making deals saw the company rise to become a top player in the music industry. As the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, Perez job revolves around management, publishing, and music labeling.

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End Citizens United: Protesting For Change

End Citizens United is one of the active political groups in the United States who are seeking for answers as to how the 2016 United States Presidential Elections ended up with Donald Trump as the winner. They believe that the previous election is rigged, and they are blaming the Russians and the wealthy business people for conspiring and choosing Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. End Citizens United believe that the ruling of the United States Supreme Court in 2010 regarding the case brought upon by Citizens United, another political group, against the Federal Electoral Council, gave the wealthy oligarchs of the United States their chance to spread their agenda and control the results of any elections in the United States. The group is requesting for the reversal of the decision made by the United States Supreme Court several years ago, with hopes that the Americans would trust and respect the country’s tainted electoral system.

End Citizens United claims that the 2010 ruling of the United States Supreme Court empowered the wealthy American families and other foreign bodies who wanted to control the United States presidential election. According to End Citizens United on, the ruling states that any company, corporation, or businesses, which are owned privately, can support their presidential bid or any politician without revealing themselves. They can also donate a staggering amount of money to the candidate that they like. Of course, these amounts have a corresponding condition from the sponsors, and they wanted the winning politicians to do what they wanted.

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The past president election has divided the United States, and End Citizens United is currently mobilizing and using their numbers so that they can be heard, and their demands are given. They are already speaking with politicians who are sharing the same idea with them, and they promised that they will be supporting these kinds of politicians because they know how to stand up on their own. End Citizens United is also calling all of their members around the globe to unite and collect funds for their next action. The group plans to vote politicians who shares the same ideas with them, and they are already working double time in order to achieve this goal. The group, soliciting money from its members abroad, managed to raise $4 million in just a short period of time, and experts have stated that they can surpass $32 if the trend continues.

The group End Citizens United stated that they will continue on fighting for change to come. The heads of the group are stating that they will be using the fund that they can collect until the year ends in order to send their voices straight into the government center. They wanted their voice to be heard, and they are also requesting for the transparent electoral system to take place as soon as possible.

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Vijay Eswaran Roots For Self-Employment

Also known for his input in business and entrepreneurship, Vijay Eswaran, the prominent Malaysian business professional and entrepreneur, has been making news headlines in business because of his recent observation in millennials and their thirst for employment. Vijay is offering free and candid advice on deciding to create employment instead of seeking employment.

He is convinced that with this strategy, many job seekers will have opened greater and beneficial platforms for business. Speaking at the prestigious University of Malaya, the head cheerleader of QI Group cited that students were better off learning to face the impending life challenges by wading through the murky risks that careers present themselves with.

Background on offered speech

Vijay Eswaran was straight about the challenges that may befall millennials in future. He stated that nailing the first interview is usually tricky as candidates barely know what is expected of them in terms of tackling questions.

Vijay also stated that as a job seeker, it is vital to concentrate on building an individual first. When seeking to be employed, focus on what challenges you as an individual. Eswaran was also specific about students agreeing to challenge the future employers by investing in becoming employers. To him, it is possible to graduate and focus on creating employment instead of job hunting.

Advice concerning self employment

Vijay has vast experience in leadership, management and project guidance. He speaks from a personal and experience point of view. He understands the challenges that most school leavers face as job seekers. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

He also understands the fact that technology has taken over most professionals and that the rates of employment have reduced over the past three years. He was keen to say that if asked, he would confess that both sides are challenging. He, however, chooses to understand what it means to be in business. It takes time and effort and he understands that it is not a one day project. However, he still advocates for self-employment.


Eswaran owns QI Group, a company that deals with branches of his companies. His focus is appended to entrepreneurship and he has been on the lead of guiding prospective entrepreneurs.

An author and motivational speaker, Eswaran has mastered special entrepreneurial skills.

Sujit Choudhry Meets with Political Experts to Discuss Democracy in Ukraine

Legal expert Sujit Choudhry recently met with a number of political experts to talk about the politics of Ukraine. He and all of the other experts were looking to learn more about how the nation governs itself and how it can establish a more democratic form of government. While Sujit Choudhry was meeting with these experts, he looked to find out what it will take to convince Ukraine to adopt a political system that is more fair and just to the nation’s citizens. During his meeting with numerous political experts, Choudhry expressed his pleasure in talking to many people who are knowledgeable about democracy. However, he has also stated that Ukraine has been quite unstable politically due to a number of factors such as a high concentration of presidential power, weak political parties and also the legislature and electoral system.

Sujit Choudhry is a well known legal and constitutional law expert.  Check  For a number of years he has helped a number of countries develop their own constitution. When he first started his career, he worked at the Canadian Supreme Court. During his stint at the court, Sujit went over the legal system, laws and constitution of the nation. He would help advise the Supreme Court on how to interpret certain laws as well as making recommendations on how to improve the democratic process of Canada. After working for the Supreme Court, Sujit would then pursue other opportunities in education. In the educational sector, Choudhry would spend much of his time educating students about constitutional law.   Read his shared views on

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At the beginning of his career as an educator, Sujit Choudhry served as a professor at the law school of the University of Toronto. After a few years serving as a professor, Sujit would become the assistant dean where he would occupy a leadership role in the law school. This prompted him to pursue other opportunities in the United States. Choudhry moved to America and became a constitutional law professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He would eventually become the dean of the law school as well. Along with serving in the educational sector, Sujit would help a number of nations change and revise their constitutions.  Follow his tweets, visit his page.

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Who Does Whitney Wolfe Really Benefit With Bumble

When people look at Bumble, one of the common things they think about is feminist empowerment. However, the benefits do not stop with women, men are also some of the people that benefit most from this new type of dating app. The other dating apps were set up in ways that brought forth plenty of issues for both sexes. One of the biggest issues in the online dating apps when it comes to men is that they are not getting any responses when they send out messages. There are plenty of factors behind this which include the fact that they are not putting too much efforts in their pictures.

The biggest issue in the dating app is that one group is getting too many messages while the other group is not even getting a response. Where men are not getting any kind of response, women are getting too many messages. This causes women to have to look through all of the messages and profiles which tend to be more time than they have to put forward to it. As a result, they wind up giving up in some cases. Whitney Wolfe knows this experience all too well. This is one of the reasons that she has set up Bumble.

While Bumble is said to be of great benefit to women, there is a lot to be said for the benefits it brings forth to men. Whitney Wolfe has built Bumble with the purpose of empowering women to pursue men without having to worry about coming off as weird. One of the rules that Whitney Wolfe is used to hearing is that men don’t like it when women approach. Women are used to hearing that they should just make themselves pretty so that men will approach them. The only issue is that there is a lot of men who do not approach with right intentions.

For Bumble, Whitney Wolfe is teaching women that it is okay to go after what or who they want. She is letting women know that they can be confident in their ability to choose the right man for them.

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Sujit Choudhry Developing Functional Constitutions

Constitutional expert and head of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry was one of the panelists in the discussions on Ukraine government’s semi-presidential system held in July 2017. The experts shared insights on the constitutional and governance challenges facing the system. Sujit Choudhry pointed out the instability in the democratization process in Ukraine and the loopholes in the arms of government.  Check for additional article.

The event organizers were a host of organizations including the Center for Policy and Legal Democracy, the Institute for Democracy, and Electorate Assistance among others. Other participants in the conference included a member of Ukraine’s constitutional commission, a Supreme court official, a human rights activist, international development specialists, and a former member of parliament. Like most of the experts, Sujit Choudhry has broad knowledge on the subject matter and has served as a global constitutional advisor.  More of his advisory work on

Sujit has also contributed to the body of knowledge through a collection of constitutional law articles, case studies, and academic contributions named Sujit Choudhry’s Constitutional Making. Other publications by Sujit include the Migration of Constitutional Ideas. Globally, he has helped several countries develop and implement constitutions. Sujit favors an evidence-based ideology that involves case studies and collection of articles to assist in constitutional creation and reforms.

Through the Center of Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry mobilizes and generates constitution building knowledge and information. The organization partners with NGOs, public policy specialists, and think tanks to accomplish this objective. So far, the Center of Constitutional Transitions has worked with experts from over 25 countries to address issues of democracy, security and the constitution.

Sujit Choudhry, an alumnus of Oxford University and the Harvard school of law, worked with Egypt, Sri Lanka, Libya, South Africa, Ukraine, and Nepal as an advisor.   According to, Sujit is also a professor of Law at Berkeley Law School. Sujit is a recipient of the 2011 Practitioner of the Year Award by the South Asian Bar Association. The Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship recognized his efforts in constitutional reform.  Click on for a related article.

Presently, Sujit is working on three research projects dealing with constitutional transitions, security reforms, and territorial divisions. The findings and policy recommendations will be out in 2017.  For updates on his latest work, browse on this.

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