End Citizens United: Protesting For Change

End Citizens United is one of the active political groups in the United States who are seeking for answers as to how the 2016 United States Presidential Elections ended up with Donald Trump as the winner. They believe that the previous election is rigged, and they are blaming the Russians and the wealthy business people for conspiring and choosing Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. End Citizens United believe that the ruling of the United States Supreme Court in 2010 regarding the case brought upon by Citizens United, another political group, against the Federal Electoral Council, gave the wealthy oligarchs of the United States their chance to spread their agenda and control the results of any elections in the United States. The group is requesting for the reversal of the decision made by the United States Supreme Court several years ago, with hopes that the Americans would trust and respect the country’s tainted electoral system.

End Citizens United claims that the 2010 ruling of the United States Supreme Court empowered the wealthy American families and other foreign bodies who wanted to control the United States presidential election. According to End Citizens United on mothershipstrategies.com, the ruling states that any company, corporation, or businesses, which are owned privately, can support their presidential bid or any politician without revealing themselves. They can also donate a staggering amount of money to the candidate that they like. Of course, these amounts have a corresponding condition from the sponsors, and they wanted the winning politicians to do what they wanted.

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The past president election has divided the United States, and End Citizens United is currently mobilizing and using their numbers so that they can be heard, and their demands are given. They are already speaking with politicians who are sharing the same idea with them, and they promised that they will be supporting these kinds of politicians because they know how to stand up on their own. End Citizens United is also calling all of their members around the globe to unite and collect funds for their next action. The group plans to vote politicians who shares the same ideas with them, and they are already working double time in order to achieve this goal. The group, soliciting money from its members abroad, managed to raise $4 million in just a short period of time, and experts have stated that they can surpass $32 if the trend continues.

The group End Citizens United stated that they will continue on fighting for change to come. The heads of the group are stating that they will be using the fund that they can collect until the year ends in order to send their voices straight into the government center. They wanted their voice to be heard, and they are also requesting for the transparent electoral system to take place as soon as possible.

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