Kate Hudson Places Fabletics in the Same Level with Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is battling with giants like Amazon to have its share in the e-commerce sector. Kate has natured the company to worth $250 million in just four years. She uses subscription approach in Fabletics to increase the number of sales. Old marketing strategies don’t seem to increase the number of sales. Customers are attracted by things like brand recognition, customer experience, last-mile service and gamification elements. The modern marketing strategies are rewarding to Fabletics; the company is set to open more physical stores in addition to the ones that are already operational in areas like California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida.


Physical Stores with a Difference


Fabletics doesn’t see browsing as a challenge, and this is because most of the customers who go to their stores are either members and if not so they may turn to be members in the store. Fabletics encourage a good relationship with customers, and they don’t care so much even if a customer comes into the store and fails to buy.


Fabletics understands that having quality product both in the online and physical store is essential. They stock their store according to social media sentiments, membership preference and real-time sales activities. Customers walking in Fabletics store will have something that meets their needs.


The company is making massive sales because they focus on consumer satisfaction, education and experience, and balance of lifestyle. Fabletics gives customers new products that meet their needs to increase sales. The other tactics that they use to remain firm in the physical market include fast purchase options, smart distribution, and innovative membership programs.


Fabletics is playing smart to remain relevant and also compete with other giants in e-commerce such as Amazon, Bonobos, and Warby Parker.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson has all along played a central role in bringing up Fabletics from a small company in 2013 to a group that is worth $250 in just four years. Kate introduced Fabletics membership that faced some little resistance but later on picked up and has been a great tool of trade in Fabletics.


Kate’s effort gave the company an upper hand in e-commerce and was rated among the best businesses by Better Business Bureau in just less than two years. The company currently has over 1.2 million active members, and the number is increasing daily. Kate has achieved a lot at Fabletics, but it is fantastic that she is still in action and she doesn’t have a plan of quitting acting soon.

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