Sujit Choudhry’s Open Letter to Spain and Catalonia

Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi. He attained high school education at the University of Toronto schools, achieved a degree in biology at MC Gill University and later LL.M from the Harvard school of law. He is the founding director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions and professor of law at the University of California.  Click on for a related article.

His extensive knowledge of comparative constitutional law and politics has earned him international recognition. He has played an advisory role in the drafting of constitutions in countries like Nepal, Jordan, Ukraine, Egypt, Yemen, South Africa, Tunisia, and Libya. Check to read more of his advisory works.

Sujit Choudhry together with his fellow Constitutional lawyers penned an open letter to Spain and Catalonia intending to solve the session crisis peacefully. The letter implored the two sides to dialogue, and they have faith that the two protagonists will settle their constitutional issues amicably.

The letter asks the president of Catalonia to show his commitment of seceding from Spain. Scholars believe that this can be demonstrated by arranging a referendum that will confirm the Catalan population’s view about secession. The letter also asked PM Rajoy of Spain not to suppress the desire of the people from Catalonia from seceding.  For more of his views on politically related issues, hit on

Plea for dialogue

The scholars also argue that the Catalons and Spaniards desire that the dispute is solved orderly and peacefully. Spain abused this call in October by brutally engaging the Catalans hoping to stop them from holding the referendum. This made the already tense situation even worse. Scholars approve the decision of Mr. Puigdemont to postpone the declaration of Catalonia’s independence to dialogue with Spain as a means of finding peace.

Scholars also stated that the government of Catalonia should give up its ambition of independence since it’s clear that many people are doubtful about the idea of autonomy and even many others are against it. They also observe that though Spain did everything to frustrate the voter turnout, it’s still not clear whether the Catalans are in favor of secession. They encourage the government to come up with a solution to Catalonia, and it must be achieved through fair, credible and democratic means. For updates on his recent timeline activities, click this useful link.

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