The Prosperous Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a successful individual who has ventured in various businesses. Adam has actively participated in the philanthropic activities in his country. Adam has led in community activities where important matters in the community have been referred to him. Milstein has also invested in the real estate business where he has established various companies that have been successful in the business matters.

Adam is the president of the foundation that he started with his family. The foundation is known for its philanthropic work. The main aim of the Gila and Adam Foundation is to strengthen the Jewish and the Israel states. Adam had the chance of serving in the Yom Kippur War.

Adam started working in the real estate business while living in the California. The Hager Pacific properties have benefited from his expertise where he has managed the company for quite some time. The Hager Pacific Company owns numerous industrial and commercial firms in the United States.

The council representing the Israeli-American council has benefited from him under his stewardship. Many organizations where Milstein has managed have been successful in their transactions. The Birthright Israel which is a board that is based in the Los Angeles is one of the beneficiaries.

Adam is tasked with very many roles while at the Hager Properties. The entrepreneur is tasked with managing proThe Prosperous Adam MILperty at the company where various staff members have the obligations of reporting to him at the company. The finances of the firm are taken care of by the business mogul. Some assets that need to be deposited are first passed through his office for approval.

The National Council for the AIPAC and the network representing the Jewish Funders are the organizations that the entrepreneur has overseen their activities. Adam was born in the Israel. Adam later moved to the United States where he studied in the year 1981. The USC is an institution where Adam undertook his master’s degree. Adam and his family currently live in Calif at a place known as the Encino. An entrepreneur, Adam is also a family man having a wife named Gila, children, and grandchildren both being three in number.

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