Gulf War Veteran Passes Knowledge To Young U.S. Military Staff Members

Ronald Fowlkes is the Law Enforcement Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He represents one of the prominent names in this industry, receiving numerous promotions and gaining extensive combat and strategy experience throughout his more than a decade-long career. Fowlkes performed duties in more than one area within the U.S, as well as within the police force.


Fowlkes began his career in the U.S. Military and served in the Gulf War. Earning two promotions, he went on to train U.S. Military staff in Iraq, and later handle the drug, illegal weapon and gang-related operations within the St Louis P.D. Some of his duties included strategy warfare tactics, and others dealt with the interrogation of captured and detained individuals. Currently, he works to pass on his knowledge to young members of the U.S. Military staff. So far, he trained over 150 staff members, which is a number yet to increase.


He works on customer entail calling across the nation, and provides product education for sales personnel counting more than 150 people. Fowlkes also handles the selection of products for development and sale within the company. He was involved in over 250 operations within the U.S that were high-risk in nature.


He is a Gulf War veteran who had served the U.S. Marine force since 1988-1993. During this time, he was promoted twice and went on to build a reputable name within the U.S army, as well as with the Saint Louis Police Force. His current position with the Eagle Industries was a result of his extensive military background. Besides work, Fowlkes enjoy sports and coaching the hockey team his son plays in.


Fowlkes also works as Department of Defense Contractor in Iraq. With the US Army, Fowlkes was assigned with JIEDDO to mount and dismount infantry operations within the combat zone. Other duties he performed included instructing US Military personnel on tactical operations, post-blast analysis, hostage and CQB rescue, a collection of evidence, as well as the tactical questioning of the individuals who were captured and detained.


Fowlkes spent more than 13 years working with law enforcement, out of which ten were with the St Louis P.D. and 3 with St. Louis County P.D. Since 2003, Fowlkes began working as a team leader and became a certified instructor in warfare tactics, defensive tactics, shoot house, and tactical rifle. His team handles responsibilities for over 250 yearly high-risk entries and all of the hostage incidents and barricaded subjects.



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