Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics Shares The Latest NFL News

Today Clay Siegall shared an article on his blog about Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. In the article Stephen A. Smith of ESPN said that Dez Bryant should be cut from the team if he won’t accept a pay cut. Smith says that Bryant hasn’t played to a level that justifies the amount of money he is due to be paid next year and his paycheck counts too much against the salary cap. Smith argued that Tony Romo had accepted a pay cut for the good of the team and so should Bryant.

In another article about football, Clay Siegall shared another ESPN story about the New York Giants hiring Mike Shula. He will be the new offensive coordinator of the team after having been in that position for the Carolina Panthers for the past four years. He will also be the quarterback’s coach for the Giants. The hiring of Mike Shula by the Giants was first reported by the NFL Network.

Clay Siegall is an entrepreneur who co-founded his business, Seattle Genetics. His professional career has been spent coming up with cures for cancer using targeted drug therapies. He got into this field while in college when he saw what conventional cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, do to the patient. He saw people that were killed by the cancer treatment rather than their cancer and he knew there had to be a better way of helping patients.

After earning his undergraduate at the University of Maryland he went to George Washington University where he graduated with a doctor of philosophy in genetics. He started out working for the federal government in research and development before moving into the private industry at Bristol-Myers Squibb. He only stayed at that company for about four years because he wanted more freedom in how he went about his work and, he says, he didn’t think he was paid fairly in relation to what his research brought in to the company. In addition to his work at Seattle Genetics he also serves on the board of other companies in the industry such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.


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