Luiz Carlos Trabuco, President Of Bradesco

A Personal Profile of Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco began his career 48 years ago after completing a degree in philosophy from Fundacao Escola de Sociologia e Politica de Sao Paulo. He has devoted his career life working for Bradesco bank where he began working as a clerk and rose up the ranks to become the bank’s CEO.

As a long term employee of Bradesco bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held different positions within the company over the years. He joined the bank as a junior officer where he worked in that capacity up to 1984 when he became a senior official. His major breakthrough as a major manager in the bank came in March 1999 when he was promoted to the position of the vice president. He would later become the president of Grupo Bradesco, a subsidiary of Bradesco bank in March 2003. In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed the position of the bank’s CEO, a position he still holds.

What Future Plans Are There for Bradesco Bank?
For many years, Bradesco bank remained the largest private bank in Brazil until in 2009 when two financial institutions, Banco Itau and Unibanco, merged and overtook it. The bank’s headquarters are in Osasco, Sao Paulo. The bank continues to expand rapidly as it seeks to ensure its financial services are available to the majority of Brazilians. Currently, it boasts of 5,314 branches, 4,834 service branches, and 38,430 ‘Bradesco Expresso’ units under its name.

The biggest plan for Bradesco bank as it focuses on the future is the launch of its all-digital franchise unit named ‘Next’. The launch marked the first ever largest campaign by a leading South American company to come up with a service that seeks to rival those provided by financial technology startups in the area.

Using ‘Next’, the bank seeks to make its services accessible to the tech-savvy Brazilian youths and to drive its development and expansion plans. To ensure that project ‘Next’ is successful, the bank is partnering with leading global tech companies such as Apple Inc., Uber Technologies Ltd, and Microsoft Corporation to give its customers access to perks on various plans ranging from 40 reais ($6-12) per month. Offering such rates would mean that their services will be affordable to more people, since the rates would be significantly lower than those applicable in physical branches.


Who Are the Front Runners for Bradesco’s Presidency?
The frontrunners for the company’s presidency are:
I. Octavio de Lazari
• Among all the contestants, he has the lowest experience working for the bank after joining the bank’s management ranks slightly over a year ago. He is aged 54 and holds the position of the lead lender’s unit and controls about a third of the institution’s results.

II. Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• At 53, he has been working at the bank since 2003. Currently, he is in charge of the bank’s corporate and investment banking. He is also responsible for the bank’s card operations and BBI.

III. Jusue Augusto Pancini
• He is in charge of branch network and high income segment having worked for the bank since 1975.

IV. Mauricio Machado de Minas
• Joined the bank in 2009 after working with CPM Braxis SA. He is aged 58 and is in charge of the bank’s IT department and digital spinoff. He was previously working on ‘Next’.

V. Domingod Figueiredo Abreu
• Has worked for the bank since 1981. Currently, he oversees the bank’s treasury and lending departments. He is aged 58.

VI. Andre Rodriguez Cano
• Aged 59 and in charge of the bank’s human resource department. He has worked for the bank since 1977.

VII. Alexandre da Silva Cluher
• Has been in the bank since 1976, 57 years old, and currently holds the position for the chief risk officer. Worked with Domingos F. Abreu to close the bank’s biggest deal involving the purchase of HSBC Holdings Plc’s Brazil unit.


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